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Paper crafts, Doodles, Packaging, Creative Textiles and lots more. Spreading happiness one creative creation at a time.

Ghazal Pirzada Creative studios is proud to present amazing handcrafted items for daily use, special occasions and every moment in between. Ranging from stationary to greeting cards and cushion covers, key-chains to mugs; and so much more. Designed to detail that ensure you have a smile on your face, these flexi-budgeted items are sure to appeal to various age groups, genders and mind-sets.

1493150_655953001114629_1540980328_n(Click on the image above to shop from Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios available on

From an impressively diverse assortment to choose from GP Creative Studios is here to think of every moment, emotion and message you may contemplate and experience and putting this into words, vibrant designs and items that will surely prove memorable.


(Creatively designed and crafted to add some artsy look to your lifestyle)


(Giving you some vibrant artwork for happy days and birthdays or any other special occasion)


(Another creative way to bring out the unique factor whether you’re outdoors or in)


(Adding colour to stationary never looked this good)

Perfect for gift giving as well, GP Creative Studios is sure to assist you in making that ideal gesture truly remarkable; be it family, friends or loved ones. Now available on your shopping spree made easy.


Daraz Timeless Classics: Tissot Swiss Watches Since 1853

When it comes to achieving style that is classic, modish and sophisticated, Tissot Swiss Watches Since 1853 is the first to enter ones mind. Designs that complement many a personality, highlighting distinctively the individuality and uniqueness that cannot be duplicated, makes for one of many impressive traits of this global brand.

Worn by Sarah Bernhardt, singer Carmen Miranda, legendary icons Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly and Nelson Mandela, the brand made its way to the Asian continent as well, where the likes of Kamal Hassan and Deepika Padukone have been seen wearing this absolutely remarkable brand, the latter being the brand ambassador since 2007. On film; Tissot can be seen on Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. James Stewart also sports a Tissot Watch in Rear Window.


(Click on the image above to view the amazing collection of Tissot Watches for Women on

Belgium born Basket ball player Tony Parker Jr. does a trend-setting ‘dribble’ with his suave shoot in Maxim magazine where the Brand Ambassador for Tissot watches for men, sports one of his all time favourite time-pieces ever.


(Click on the image above to view the impressively crafted Tissot Watches for men on

The Next Chapter in Style & Comfort Now on Daraz

An impressively designed and crafted collection of footwear and handbags, Chapter 13 by Qurat-ul-Ain Ansari and Rabia Ahmad give you the best in quality, style, comfort and finishing that will complement many various tastes of women far and near.

Giving all customers the strong ability to choose, Chapter 13 is where you will find a great selection of different styles that range from simple and elegant to modern and edgy.

Now available on, Chapter 13 is definitely one brand you must shop from. A welcome addition for all shoppers old and new on Daraz.


(Click on the image above and view the stylish footwear from Chapter 13 on Daraz)


(Click on the image above and check out the classy bags from Chapter 13 available on

Watch Out! Azzaro Now on Daraz

Giving you the best in quality, style and timelessness, Azzaro watches for women and men are designed to add a unique element to your look while reaffirming the essence and spirit of Loris Azzaro, the founder of this amazing; globally recognized brand.

From designs that range from the charming to the seductive, classiness and perfection have always been the order of the day. Detail and finishing, using state of the art material makes for ideal craftsmanship that is indeed unparallelled in the world.

As always ensures you get the very best in products, apparel and footwear and accessories too; isn’t an exception. By introducing this fantastic brand in shop, all customers; far and near can avail an even better shopping experience as Azzaro is now an easy click away.


 (Click on the image above and view an elegant and breath-taking range of Azzaro watches for women)


(Click on the image above and view a suave and sophisticated selection of Azzaro watches for men)

Fashion Cafe Kids! Now on Daraz

Just when you thought has it all. Here’s something to reaffirm that statement in a truly impressive, cute and energetic way. Daraz now has an amazing collection of kids wear that is sure to appeal to the little boys and girls out there. In a strong, vibrant, cool and trendy range of apparel, from various names such as Kids Store, Xero 9, Route 66 and the one and only Fashion Cafe, shopping just got easier, efficient and super fun for all.


(Click on the image above and view the pretty, colourful collection for girls on

Inspired by what attracts the attention of our little ones, strives as always to give customers something more than what meets the eye at first glance. Ensuring quality, style, comfort, finishing and overall impressive presentation, is simply the ‘it’ place to shop.

1480683_373550146121969_1834383225_n(Click on the image above and view the cool range of kids apparel available on Daraz)

STYLE from One GENERATION to the Next

Among the many amazing additions to the family, we bring you GENERATION that needs no introduction except an acknowledgment to being a household name for many generations. Operating for 30 years and growing stronger every day, is proud to have GENERATION on board with all the style and glamour that one can imagine.


In the spirit of new beginnings; chatted up a storm with Head Designer of GENERATION Khadija Rahman. So read on and find out more.

How would you define Generation as a brand? What inspires you when designing?

Generation is about constant innovation. We are a large team of designers and different teams are constantly working at various collections at the same time. We derive inspiration from each other and our minds are always working to create new ideas and develop new concepts.

Cultural variety around the world keeps us inspired and when we feel there is a ‘designer’s block’ we sometimes dig up the Generation archives to derive inspiration from who we really are.

Is there a particular age group that you target or is it a brand for all ages?

Generation has quite literally catered to women from ‘generation to generation’, so in that sense we have been making clothes for all age groups.

Describe your latest collection in terms of shape, colour, embroidery etc.?

Generation has six lines. All lines do many collections based on different themes for the entire season. The collection you see in stores these days is the winter 2013 collection. The silhouettes vary in their mood, most of them are clean with simple cut lines while other lines have been a little experimental using the concept of layering to create a garment. We have used warm tones such as deep blues/greys and shades of nudes with gold accents. Generation does all sorts of embellishment techniques ranging from handwork to computerized embroideries, however this year we have greatly explored kantha work and also took up some modern techniques such as studs and other metallic detailing.


(Click on the image above and view Generation’s collection on

How long has Generation been operating? Do you work locally only or internationally as well?

We have been operating for 30 years. We have stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad. Last week we started selling online with

What are the different types of apparel offered to customers?

We have 6 lines for apparel: Generation Woman, Generation Classic, Generation Basic, Generation Formals, G square and Generation Cottage.

GENERATION Woman offers fashionable, versatile and comfortable designs that make use of numerous printing and embroidery techniques in casual and semi casual outfits.

GENERATION Formals offers limited three piece suits made in silk often using adda work and traditional techniques of embellishment.

The original concept behind GENERATION Classic looks towards designing timeless clothing that never goes out of fashion and is a permanent part of any woman’s wardrobe. We lovingly play with textures and a palette of classic colors to instill elegance in every piece.

In the midst of bold and exaggerated embellishment techniques, we also love simpler things that leave an impact even so. The GENERATION Basic line develops designs using impactful silhouettes and cut lines.

GENERATION Cottage uses traditional Pakistani hand embroideries by women across villages in Pakistan and plays around with one-off and atypical embroidery and applique techniques.

G Square integrates western silhouettes and trends with a touch of eastern inspirations. This line embodies edginess, playfulness and confidence


Every calendar year seven collections are prepared: Spring collection, Summer collection, Monsoon collection, Autumn collection, Winter collection and two Eid collections.


Style that Pampers your EGO

Known for simplicity and clean-cut silhouettes that form a distinct, stylish impression on all, EGO gives you yet another dose of this mesmerizing style and finesse that is sure to keep you coming back for more. With designs and details that make the heart jump for joy, you are sure to experience; as always, quality, craftsmanship and over-all fashionable looks that will do complete justice to your own; individuality and tastes for the best in effortless style and elegance.

Ego Latest Winter Collection for Ladies (10)

(Click on the image above and shop from our collection of EGO apparel only on

Giving you colours that highlight your striking features, EGO also gives you some surprise elements that enhances the piece and unbelievable finishing that works to give you that ‘dressed up’ look no matter where you’re going. Aside from the usual Black, Beige, Brown and Navy; EGO gives you eye-catching Pinks, Purples, Reds, Teals, Aqua and Olive that will simply push you to the top of the style circle, only on

For first time customers; Daraz offers a special deal that is truly irresistible. Avail an introductory discount of 500 off all first-time purchases worth Rs. 1000 at least. So don’t stop to think, start your shopping today only on



Mausummery Magic! On


If you haven’t already heard; the Exclusive Premium Footwear Collection by the renowned household brand Mausummery, is one of the latest additions to the store.


(Click on the image above and shop for Mausummery Footwear only on

With an extremely impressive, wide range of classy footwear, Mausummery through provides you with various options that are designed, detailed and crafted with quality to suit your needs no matter where you are going or what you are wearing.

Choose one, two or several pairs that are sure to enhance your style to the maximum, giving you comfort, classiness and finesse.


Nail it with OPI- Making a Splash with Nail Art

When it comes to making a statement that is cool, edgy and vibrant, nothing is more applicable than the current trend that is all the rage these days.

Nail art has rapidly become one of the most widely used, loved and promoted medium of defining ones individuality in a distinct, classy and modern way. This very art form has been promoted, endorsed and adopted with a widespread of celebrity figures, renowned brands and various outlets such as television and films which collectively have given ‘Nail Art’ its present status.

OPI a world renowned brand, carried by has an impressive, diverse and amazing range of nail colour and artistic designs that are sure to give you that perfect finish to your desired look. Be it ultra glamourous, bold, crack or themed looks you are going for, rest assured; OPI will give you results that will truly make not just a statement but a reinvention of your personality, time and time again.

Basic Colours:

Going for a basic colour; that is bold and vibrant, dark or mellow is now an effortless task as opposed to yester-year. A wide range to choose from; you will experience finish, quality, style and desired effect that suit your taste and personality in a huge way.

OPI - Dating a Royal—NL-B70-15035.html

DATING A ROYAL- Priced at only Rs. 850 this one is as rich and ravishing as they come.—NL-T52-15054.html

NOTHIN MOUSIE BOUT IT: Perfect for those looking for a change. Priced at Rs. 850 this one could be yours to enjoy from OPI.—NL-B66-15078.html

THE IT COLOR-Bold, vibrant and edgy, ideal for an eye-catching result. Price: Rs. 850—NL-N25-15029.html

BIG APPLE RED-Make your presence felt with intensity and confidence. Rs. 850 only


Crack Colours:

Go the hip and edgy way with these Crack Colours from OPI. Sure to give you the attention and admiration you will soon get used to.—NL-E59-15086.html

BLACK SHATTER-Priced at Rs. 950 go for the gothic glamourous look—NL-E54-15091.html

WHITE SHATTER: For those looking for classic softness, timelessness and style. Rs. 950—NL-E56-15087.html

BLUE SHATTER- Priced at Rs. 950 you get a look that is bold, edgy and unique only with OPI.

Themed Colours and Concepts

With these you will get the best in themed, conceptual looks that you can go for to make a grand impression and a bold, brilliant look that is ideal for special occasions, parties, festivals, or anytime casual dos from time to time.

SPIDER MAN BRIGHTS MINIS: Go for the superhero look with this classic one from OPI. Price Rs. 1,400—vintage-15076.html

THE COLOR OF MINNIE-OPI gives you a cute and pretty look priced at Rs. 1,400

NICE STEMS MINI: Priced at Rs. 1,600 OPI gives you a feminine, soft and stylish look.

THE HAPPY COUPLE from OPI; go for this one and get a look that is fresh and fabulous. Rs. 1,650–BOND-JAMES-BOND-15046.html

MAGNETIC LAQUER BOND JAMES BOND: OPI gives you the gift of magnetism, strength and confidence. Rs. 1,800

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-Priced at Rs. 1,400 OPI gives you a look that is magical and magnificent. You will surely love going for this one.

NEW YORK CITY BALLET MINI from OPI gives you the traditional softness, delicacy and grace. For Rs. 1,400 only.


Text by: DAG/ Designed by: Kanza Azim Khan



Mad About Rilli

Rilli or Ralli (Sindhi) refers to the traditional bedspreads and quilts which are handmade by women living in Sindhi villages. The age old technique comprises of patchwork, applique and embroidery. The patchwork aspect of rilli is the most common form; Many of the designs created are quite complex and traditionalists say that these designs are never sketched out or written down, but rather are held in the artisans memory and are passed down from mother to daughter through generations.

Sindhi Artisans sewing a traditional Rilli quilt. Image credit: Indus Crafts

Sindhi Artisans sewing a traditional Rilli quilt. Image credit: Indus Crafts

Close-up of a rilli quilt in the making. Image credit: Indus Crafts

Close-up of a Rilli quilt in the making. Image credit: Indus Crafts

The applique technique incorporated in rilli fabrics requires taking small square shaped pieces of fabric, turning the edges under and sewing it onto block fabric. Recently, we have seen Rilli work consistently being used in mainstream fashion. Esteemed designer labels such as House of Kamiar Rokni, Farah Talib Aziz, Nida Azwer and Arslan & Yahseer have all showcased some form of Rilli in their collections.

Arsalan-Yahseer-Safari To Sindh Collection

Arsalan-Yahseer-Safari To Sindh Collection

House of Kamiar Rokni

House of Kamiar Rokni

Dying to add some Rilli to your wardrobe? We’ve got just the treat for you. Grapes Rilli Kurtas, in a multitude of colors, starting at Rs. 3,499 (You can get a 10% discount if you sign up for our Newsletter ofcourse)! Grab these iconic pieces before they run out. Shop now at

Grapes Rilli Kurtas on

Grapes Rilli Kurtas on


References: Indus Crafts