17 Gift Ideas for New Babies That Are Useful Too!

17 Gift Ideas for New Babies That Are Useful Too!

Another baby shower to attend? Yet another dilemma about what to gift the new mum-to-be or the soon-to-arrive baby? Ah, we know that dilemma all too well.

We know how hard it is to find an appropriate and meaningful gift for a baby shower, which is why we want to help! To make this struggle easy for you, here are 16 gift ideas that you can go for every time you get an invitation for a baby shower!

Let’s what we’ve for you:

A colorful, comfortable and safe baby rocker is always a great baby gift! After all, mommies need some time to rest, and this gift is gonna help with that!

Three months down, the baby is gonna be able to use their hands and control their movement better. And we know how tiring it is to hold up their feeders!

Well, this pillow is gonna kill several birds with one stone – it’ll give the baby some independence (and support) to hold up their feeder, whilst shaping their heads! Also, it’ll also help the mother while nursing their little munchkin!

Giving your baby a bath is always going to give you a little fear. But this baby bath seat is gonna make bathing your baby so much easier!

Any baby loves to snuggle in a warm blanket, so this elephant snuggle pillow is be perfect!

A natural bottle combines all the benefits of an anti-colic feeder with a nipple that resembles the natural form and feel of a mother’s breast. This makes it easier for both the mother and the baby to make the transition. What’s a more thoughtful gift for a new mum-to-be?

Giving warm milk to babies is always the better choice. And a baby bottle warmer is perfect for a new mother, who can instantly warm the feeder before giving milk to their baby.

Ah! Old but gold! A backpack mommy bag is always the most useful gift for an expecting mother!

Baby diapers always need a place of storage and disposal – this portable travel diaper backpack is a unique, out-of-the-box, and very useful gift!

A mother is happiest when she sees her little one happy and on top of the world, and believe us you, a baby play gym with music and piano is just perfect to make a baby excited for playing (thus a hack to make the mom happy)!

New mothers, especially, are extremely afraid of trimming their baby’s nails , and understandably so. But this Tommee Tippee’s baby nail cutter clipper will make this fearsome task much less daunting.

Now it’s not always possible to carry the bottle warmer everywhere. But one can carry a thermos to keep the milk warm. And this Xiaomi portable thermos flask will, thus, make an excellent gift!

Of course, the mother’s top priority is her baby’s absolute safety. So getting a sterilizer in present is simple going to thrill her!

Sometimes, mothers are just too tired to make the formula milk themselves. For moments like these, this baby formula milk maker from you is really going to let her relax a bit!

However small they are, it doesn’t change that babies need to take quite a few medicines, syrups or tablets, to keep their health at best. This pill crusher for babies would also make a great present for the same reason!

Every baby wants toys – stuffed ones, movement ones, rattling ones, and so on. And a teddy bear has always been that classy toy that everybody loves!

Give the new mom a baby monitor so she can keep a watch on her sleeping baby while she gets some errands done around the house.

Ah, the mum is going to love you so much when the baby bibs you gifted come handy every time her baby throws up like a billion times in a day!

You can never go wrong with your gift-game for baby showers with this gift guide! That’s a promise! If you enjoyed this article, you may also want to take a look at our gift guide for bridal showers and Online Shop for Baby Clothes

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