15 Struggles People Who Wear Glasses Go Through

15 Struggles People Who Wear Glasses Go Through

Remember the time when you could see everything clearly? Yeah, me neither. Getting up from sleep and easily spotting the wall clock is now only a dream for you or wishing to drive at night without seeing glares is your ultimate wish? Then, my friend, your eyesight is terrible and I can feel your pain.

It is safe to say that all the near sighted people share a love/hate relationship with their glasses. You don’t like wearing them but can’t function without wearing them either. But then you feel a little excited about it too because wearing glasses almost feels like you have alter-ego when people don’t recognize you when you take them off.

However, by the end of the day you do wish you did not have to wear them because, let’s face it, they do hinder with daily simple tasks which could have been easily done without having to worry about breaking or losing your glasses.

Here are the struggles literally EVERY person who wears glasses goes through!

1) Enjoying rain is now a challenge for you because raindrops resting on your glasses block your view

2) 3D Glasses make you look a little like a creature with multiple eyes

3) Wearing mascara is never a simple task anymore because of your eyelashing keep messing the frame

4) You dread the times when you’re wearing a fabric that can’t clean your glasses

5) People taking your glasses off of your face and trying them on and then smudging them

6) People telling you how you’d look so much better without glasses!

7) Everytime you take off glasses people spawn out of nowhere to ask you, “How many fingers am I holding?”

8) Working out or playing sports are a nightmare while wearing glasses because either you fall or your glasses fall

9) Unable to find you glasses when you look them because you NEED glasses to see

10) Stepping outside from a chilled AC room in Summers is a different level of annoying because of the steam that gathers on your glasses

11) Slowly balding from all the hair getting caught in the edges of your glasses

12) Putting on eye make up is a hassle because you can’t see what you’re doing

13) Can NOT find a comfortable position to lie down without your glasses getting in the way!

14) Thinking about emergencies in the middle of the night makes you panic because you can never find your glasses right when you wake up!

15) You end up unintentionally ignoring your friends when you’re walking without your glasses

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