1. Levi’s had supporting roles in several iconic films

The esteemed list is peopled by the likes of: Mark Hamill in Star WarsMarlon Brando in The Wild OneMichael J. Fox in Back to the FutureHeath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback MountainMike Myers and Dana Carvey in Wayne’s WorldPeter Fonda in Easy Riderall of the women in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

2. They were considered rebellious once!

Thanks in part to Brando’s implied endorsement, Levi’s image turned a bit bad in the 1950s. Trying to keep their image wholesome, the company took out newspaper ads that depicted a clean-cut kid wearing their jeans, along with the phrase, “Right for School.” Mothers didn’t buy it. “This may be ‘right for school’ in San Francisco, in the West or in some rural areas, [but] I can assure you that it is in bad taste and not right for school in the East and particularly New York,” one New Jersey mother wrote.

3. Levi’s original jeans were created by two immigrants 

Levi wasn’t the principal maker. That was, in fact, a Latvian immigrant named Jacob Davis. Working in Reno as a tailor, Davis had come up with an ingenious way of making work pants stronger: using copper rivets at key points. Looking to patent the design, he contacted Levi, his fabric supplier, who financed the patent application and jointly created the pants you’re probably wearing
Levi- the iconic jeans’ namesake himself