How to Buy an Air Conditioner 0 716

Figure out the right time to buy

Know when you can get great deals on Air conditioners. With Summer already in its first phase, now is the time that deals go live. Get it before the heat gets really intense.

What kind do you need?

Do you need a window unit, an air-cooler or an inverter? Look at your space and see which one would work best for you

Size of the room

The size of the room has a lot to do with the air conditioner you get. The bigger the room, the bigger the ac you’ll need.

What additional benefits are you getting?

Are you getting delivery, installation, installments or any other benefits? Figure out what you need and opt for the best, most feasible solution. If you want to purchase from Daraz, then do read this post on how to get installment on

Don’t sweat it guys. Let’s hope this summer isn’t that bad.

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