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You know what the most annoying thing is? Looking fat in a picture. Over the course of a year I’ve worked hard. So very, very hard to lose weight and I thought to myself, ‘Hell yes, I’m going to look amazing in pictures!’ But noooooooo. It’s like the camera hates me.

I thought perhaps it’s my old phone that just doesn’t do the job quite right but I’ve tried it on old and new smartphones alike to no avail. That’s when I realized. The problem is me. So, here’s a few tips to up your selfie game for some awesome pictures this Eid. It’s time to slay girls (& guys. I’m an equal opportunity selfie trainer).

Find Your Smile
It takes a lot to make me smile. Time and the frustration of horrible pictures has rendered me smile-less. If you’re like me, then finding your perfect selfie smile is a much harder ask than people would think. The answer is simple, practice. It’ll feel awkward for a while if you’re just sitting alone smiling at your phone but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona parta hai.

Here’s a gif that shows how faces change with lighting. Well lit pictures always look better. Even though it seems shadows will hide your flaws better, light is a better friend of yours. So, don’t worry about the bijli ka bill and light up your selfies.

The trick is to move your body to the side and show your best angles rather than facing the camera straight on. Standing at an angle gives your body a flattering silhouette and shows off all the best aspects of your Eid dress.

Have a good camera phone
Ok, so I’m kind of 50/50 on this one. Sometimes the best camera smartphones don’t deliver if you’re not taking the picture right but it never hurts to have a good quality camera. It gives your pictures the oomph they need.

Mostly just be you, smile to the skies and be confident because you’re awesome.

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