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Daniyal is a new Daraz Customer and he placed his first order on Daraz. It has been two days and he is super excited to receive his order but worried at the same time because he has no clue where his order is. He wants to know exactly when he’ll receive it but does not know how to track it.

If you are also worried about your order just like Daniyal is, this blogpost will help you understand how you can track your orders on Daraz.

There are two ways of doing this:

First is you can just go to ‘My Orders’ and view all your orders. You can then select the order you want to check, click on its status. This will get you all the details related to your order.

Second way of tracking your order is by simply going to ‘Messages’ on the Daraz App and selecting ‘Orders’. This will show all the messages and details related to your orders.

Not only this, Daraz will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and SMS. After your order has left the Daraz warehouse and is on its way to you, you can also track its status by signing in to your account and following the steps mentioned above.
Now that you know how to track your orders, we hope you are no more worried about losing your parcel. Sit back and relax while Dex ships your orders at your doorstep!

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