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Are you ready for the round two of completing the missions and be on the road to glory and fulfill your virtual destiny to be an agent?


Daraz is back with another end of the season mega sale on the 12th of December 2019, and this time, the mission is for 12.12!

The 12 12 sale is your ultimate end of the year sale which is all about catching up with amazing mission 12.12 deals and discounts you might have missed out on 11.11. If you’re not sure what to get from the sale, you can check out these 12 things you should definitely buy from the 12.12 sale!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this Bara,Bara chance.

Wondering what Mission 12.12 is? It’s just like the Mission 11.11, Mission 12.12 is all about completing the assigned missions in a limited time and get another chance to win a free RETURN ticket to Turkey and many more exclusive deals and prizes!

The drill is to complete all 12 missions before the 18th of December to make sure you qualify for the amazing rewards through a lucky draw! Only after completing ALL 12 missions, the users can win guaranteed rewards. It’s all about increasing your chances of winning one mission at a time, so what are you waiting for? Head over to Daraz App and start completing the missions and board on the chance to winning!

How Mission 12.12 Works

Mission 12.12 is super simple and doesn’t require a lot of your time. The first and foremost step to your journey of Mission 12.12 is to have the Daraz App on your smartphone.

Now all you have to do is simply; Log in to your Daraz App with the registered email address > Click on the Mission 12.12 Banner, and finally, start completing the missions. Your mission progress will be updated after 2 PM every day for all activities performed on the previous day.

Missions can only be done from 3rd December to 18th December.

 The winners of the lucky draw will be announced on the 31st of December 2019. It’ll be an ultimate end of the year winning!

You can track your Mission’s progress by entering your email address that you’ve registered with Daraz. However, make sure you have the push notifications turned on for Daraz, through which the missions and the winners will be announced.

You can turn on the Notifications for the Daraz App in the following way:  

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • Tap “Turned on” for the Daraz App

What are the 12 Missions?

The missions are super easy. You can complete any of these missions ONCE a day. The 12 missions are:

1) Open the Daraz App on your phone for 5 consecutive days

2) Buy any one from Daraz’s DMart

3) Click on any 5 App Notifications from your phone

4) Place an order and with your Daraz Wallet

5) Add Mega Deals to your cart

6) Share any 3 Mega Deals with friends through the sharing option available

7) Place an order that costs at least Rs. 3,000 or more

8) Follow any 5 brand partners on Daraz

9) Collect any 5 vouchers from the voucher option on the App or Website

10) Recharge your mobile phone’s credit from the Top-up shop at Daraz

11) Review and rate product you bought from Daraz. It can both positive and negative!

12) And, finally, Shake Shake! Shake your smartphone when you see Daz on the App!

What Rewards can you Win with Mission 12.12?

If you’re wondering how the rewards are sorted and if the Missions are worth it or not, then here’s what you can avail by completing the 12 missions from Mission 12,12. If you have completed 8 or more missions will receive a Daraz Wallet bonus as follows:

  • On the completion of 9 missions = Rs. 50
  • On the completion of 10 missions = Rs. 100
  • On the completion of 11 missions = Rs. 200
  • On the completion of 12 missions = Rs. 350

Apart from the cashback and cash rewards in Mission 12 12, Daraz has partnered up with top brands in Pakistan which include Hisense, EatMubarak, Gulf Air, SWVL, Audionic, Subway. BYKEA, iFlix, Tapmad TV and Hardees, which enables you to win amazing vouchers and deals from the brand partners for completing Mission 12.12. There’s so much winning!

Here’s the list of rewards and prizes you can win. Some of them are availed through the lucky draw and where as some are won by EVERYONE who has completed the mission!

Upon completing all 12 Missions:

You win:

  • A Return Ticket by Gulf Air to Turkey through a lucky draw
  • Hisense Headphones through a lucky draw
  • Free BYKEA rides for a year through lucky draw  
  • 1000 Eat Mubarak Wallet Points through a lucky draw
  • Rex 8 Plus speaker through a lucky draw
  • Rs. 350 in your Daraz Wallet for all users
  • 500 Rupees Redeemable Cash for all Users
  • 1-month free VIP access to iFlix for all Users

Upon completing 11 Missions:

You win:

  • 500 redeemable cash for all users
  • Audionic Powerbank through a lucky draw
  • Rs. 200 in your Daraz wallet for all users
  • 5 Free rides of SWVL for all users
  • VIP access iFlix for all users
  • Tapmad Tv free subscription through a lucky draw
  • 1 month free VIP access for all users

On completing 10 Missions

You win:

  • Rs. 150 Daraz Wallet top up for all users
  • 500 redeemable cash for all Users
  • 5 free SWVL rides for all Users
  • 1 month free VIP access for all users
  • An Exclusive meal by Hardees for all users

On completing 9 Missions

You win:

  • Rs. 50 for all users
  • 500 Rupees redeemable cash for all users on Subway
  • 5 free rides SWVL for all users
  • Exclusive Meal for all user on Hardees

So, make sure you have logged in to the Daraz App and are completing the missions! If you completed a mission today, your status will be updated tomorrow. Make the most of 12.12 and happy shopping!

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