Saeed Ajmal Hopes to See Shadab Khan Lead the Pakistan Cricket Team One Day 0 206

With the third HBL PSL 2020 almost, Islamabad United is all set to claim their third victory of what has become the most successful franchise in history. The team is gearing up for the upcoming season, and PSL fans are ready to witness all the fun and excitement!

On Tuesday, Islamabad United had a practice session at the Diamond Cricket Ground in Islamabad, where the players worked on their physical fitness, batting, bowling and fielding, under the supervision of their bowling coach, Saeed Ajmal.

In an exclusive chat with Cricket Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal commented on how the franchise has assembled a set of strong players and he expects them to put on a great show in PSL.

“We have a strong squad for the upcoming season of PSL. As a coach, I will try to bring the team back on to the winning track. All the players in the team are like my kids and are my favorite,” said Ajmal.

He also said tha he believes leg-spinner Shadab Khan has a lot of leadership qualities to lead United to their third PSL win.

He added, “Shadab Khan is an excellent player and I wish to see him lead Pakistan one day. Leading Islamabad United in the upcoming PSL season will do a world of good to his confidence.”

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