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If you’re stuck at home due to the lockdown, it is no surprise that your vehicles are lacking the weekly maintenances it needs!

Most of the times, you can’t find the motor oil that your car needs to upgrade and give your combustion engines the lubrication it needs, but worry not! Daraz has now introduced Shell’s official flagship store through DarazMall where you get premium-quality motor oils delivered at your doorstep!

With Daraz, you can currently get a 5% flat discount on the moto oils and that too with free shipping!

So, don’t wait further, clean your vehicles engines and get it running by making the most of this offer on Daraz now!

Shell Motor Oils On Daraz:

Shell currently features their top motor oils at discounts prices that you can buy online hassle-free and get them delivered right at your doorstep!

On Daraz, you can find a wide range of Shell motor oils and many selections from their Shell Helix, Shell Rimla, or Shell Spirax formulations.

You can buy Shell motor oil ranging from 1 litre, 3 litre to 4 litres that are multigrade and synthetic and choose them in accordance with your vehicle’s preference.

Shell’s Synthetic Formula offers refined antioxidant properties in the oil that allow your engine life to be Antioxidants are additives designed to prolong the life and withstand the wear and tears that rough roads of Pakistan may see.

Whereas, Shell’s multigrade formulation of motor oil helps in protecting the engines of older, higher-mileage vehicles in everyday driving conditions making it the perfect oil for heavy-duty vehicle drivers!

Currently, these are some of the most popular Shell motor oils used:

Shell Helix (HX6 10W-40) 3L, Synthetic Technology Motor Car Oil

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Shell Helix HX6 has enhanced antioxidant additives designed to prolong the life of a lubricant by increasing the oxidative resistance of the base oil. This rapidly oxidised and thickens the oil to allow the lubricants to operate at higher temperatures.

Shell Helix Ultra (5W-40) Fully Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil

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Shell Helix Ultra provides additional protection against deposits needed for turbocharged and no turbocharged heavy-duty diesel engines. It also helps to protect against harmful sludge and varnish deposits

Shell Advance Ultra (10W-40) 100% Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

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The 100% synthetic Advance 4T Ultra is made from pure and clear base oil, combined with a motorcycle specific additive pack with unique Active Cleansing Technology that improves your bikes fuel economy and retains the horsepower while providing superior engine protection!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Daraz Online Shopping now and make the right choice to drive on!

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