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In Pakistan, there are many telecom companies such as Ufone, Warid, Telenor that offer some of the best packages and data coverages, but, there’s no denying that the relatively newer, Zong is Pakistan’s first mobile data network that not only has the cheapest packages but also was Pakistan’s first-ever 4G sim!

Zong is known as Zong 4G and has been providing its customers with a superior telecommunications infrastructure with connectivity almost everywhere in Pakistan and has unparalleled data packages for SMS, calling, and internet surfing.

If you just bought your Zong sim and are looking for all Zong codes and packages, and package codes, or how to check your Zong balance then we’ve listed all that you would want to know!

How to Check Zong Balance?

Zong offers easy balance check services to both their postpaid and prepaid customers. No matter what package you have activated, you can check your remaining Zong balance and the information of your prepaid bill in the following ways:

Zong Prepaid Balance Check Code 2020

Inquiry Dialing Code Charges
Balance check *222# Rs 0.05 Plus tax. 
  • To load the card dial 101 or enter *101*PIN# and press ‘SEND’.

Zong Postpaid Bill Check Code 2020

Bill Info Number and Code Charges
Send “BL” to 567 Rs. 0.50+ taxes

Apart from checking the remaining balance on your Zong sim, it is a great idea subscribe to a package that meets the requirement of your consumption. Whether it’s an internet package or a call package, Zong has many versatile options. You can check for Zong packages on the Zong App or on its official website or call a customer representative to find the best package for your needs!

If you’re not sure what package you currently are subscribed to on your Zong sim, or want to check the usage details, it is better to check it with the zong package code to find more details

Zong Package Check and Usage Details

Zong offers a self-service channel, specially made for its prepaid users that allows them to check what Zong package they have, how to activate and deactivate the Zong package or to find bundles, Zong data check to recharge your account.

  • Check your Zong package and many usage details, bundles and more by dialling *310# on your mobile.
  • The charges of current balance check and to check remaining Free Resources is Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry for current balance check and Rs. 0.10+Tax/inquiry to check the remaining free resources.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong?

If you’re specifically looking to check only the remaining internet or data then you can check it by doing the following.

Zong MB Check Code 2020

Inquiry Code
Zong MB Check *102#
  • If you are not subscribed to any Zong internet package, then you can use the internet at the default rate of Rs.4+tax/mb.

Often there are moments when you run out of balance during an emergency and need immediate balance. Then there’s no need to worry, Zong offers Advance Balance and Balance sharing for its customers so they can stay connected at all times.

Zong Advance Balance Code 2020

Zong Advance Code Balance Charges:
*911# Rs. 20 Rs. 3

*This service is only available for Zong prepaid customers.

Zong Balance Share Code 2020

With Zong Yaari Load, you can depend on your friends to solve your low balance crisis by the Zong Balance Share facility where you can transfer some balance or have your friend transfer you Zong balance easily!

  • Code to Share Zong Balance:
    • Dial *828#
    • Enter Recipient’s Mobile Number.
    • Enter the amount of you want to transfer
    • Reply with “1” after confirmation to share balance.
    • You can also request balance from someone by dialling *829# for balance request.

*Charges are Rs. 2 for Zong balance sharing.

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