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Want to learn all there is to know about the 23rd March? Well, we’ve got all the answers to your 23 March Pakistan Day questions!

To start with answering questions like what is the 23rd March in Pakistan, what is celebrated on 23rd March and why is 23rd March important; there’s only one answer: The 23rd March is an important day in the history of Pakistan and became known as the yaum e Pakistan when the Resolution of Pakistan was passed. 23rd March 1940 became the day when we commemorated the Lahore Resolution which led to the creation of Pakistan.

23rd March special: The resolutions after the Resolution - Daraz Life

Questions About the 23rd March Pakistan Day

What is the meaning of Pakistan?

The name Pakistan means a ‘land abounding in the pure’. It comes from the Persian and Pashto word (pāk) which means pure.

Who wrote the national anthem of Pakistan?

The Pakistani national anthem was written by Hafeez Jalandhari in 1952.

When did Pakistan first celebrate Independence Day?

Pakistan first celebrated youm-e-azaadi on August 14, after the independence of Pakistan was announced on Radio Pakistan on 14th August. The partition of British India took place on 14th August, 1947 when Pakistan and India came into being.

How many provinces of Pakistan are there?

There are 4 provinces with 2 administrative territories: Baluchistan, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa plus the federally- administered Islamabad Capital Territory.

Is March 23 2021 a holiday in Pakistan?

The Pakistan Resolution Day on the 23rd March of every year has a lot of significance in Pakistan’s history. For this reason, the 23 March is a national holiday to remember and celebrate the commemoration of Pakistan.

Quick Facts About 23rd March 2021:
This YearTuesday; March 23, 2021
Next YearWednesday; March 23, 2022
Last YearMonday; March 23, 2020
TypePublic Holiday

How is 23rd March celebrated in Pakistan?

On 23rd March, an event is held early morning in which the president of Pakistan is usually the chief guest. All news channels gather to cover the entire event and a great Pakistan day parade by the military and civilians takes place in Islamabad, the capital city.

Who is the first president of Pakistan?

Pakistan became a republic when the 1956 constitution was adopted. Iskandar Mirza became then became the first president of Pakistan.

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