A Guide to the Best Scented Candles You Can Find on Daraz!

A Guide to the Best Scented Candles You Can Find on Daraz!

Scented candles are one of those luxurious purchases that you know you don’t necessarily need, but they just give you so much joy that you can’t resist.

Who wouldn’t want their home to smell wonderful and comforting whenever they were relaxing after a long day at work or university or just running about?


Warm Scents

Any scent that has notes of things like vanilla, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood or woods can be categorized as a warm scent. These candles are most likely going to be best for the colder seasons as they evoke a nice, cozy vibe in your house. From the comforting smell of baked goods, to a comforting vibe of sandalwood and amber, these candles are perfect for the winters.

Floral Scents

Pretty self explanatory, floral scents have a mix or singular note of some flower. These light, beautifully scented candles can make even the dreariest place smell like a garden.

Fruity Scents

Fruity scents are always fun to keep around the house. Citrus scents placed in places like a kitchen or a bathroom can also help emphasis the feeling of a clean space. Find citrus candles mixed with a number of delicious notes on Daraz!

Fresh Scents

Scents that make you think of the sea, a fresh breeze, the beach, or a tropical getaway can be qualified as a fresh scent. Find your favorites from our picks below!

Novelty Scents

Ever wondered what moonlight smells like? Or maybe you have a thing for the smell of baby powder and want your house to smell like it at all times? Novelty candles can make your house smell like all your uniquely favorite things from baby powder to clean cotton, fluffy blankets, the smell after it rains, or the smell of wind. It’s your pick!

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Usman Ghani

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