Basanta’s Fulfilling Journey at Daraz

Basanta’s Fulfilling Journey at Daraz

Welcome to Life at Daraz!

For this episode, we have interviewed Basanta Dahal  who is currently working as a Hub Manager in our Nepal office. 

1)      What’s your current role at Daraz?

I am working as a Hub Manager at Gopikrishna Hub. I have been with Daraz since the past three and a half years. My journey from Operation Associate to Hub Manager was full of excitement. I brainstorm new ideas and engage in planning, monitoring and training delivery heroes about delivery with customer experience.

2)      What made you want to come to Daraz?

IT students often choose careers in programming, networking, and so on. But as an IT student, I always took keen interest in understanding E-commerce know-how. At the time I chose Daraz, E-commerce was booming in Nepal. Daraz was a rapidly growing company with proper systems and processes. So, I believed it was best for my career growth to be a part of Daraz.

3)       What has been your favorite part of the journey?

I would say my experience during the 11.11 campaign has been one of the most memorable. Though very challenging, our efforts during COVID 19 lockdown were very enriching. Everyone in the team worked very hard to perform to the best of their capabilities even though we had limited manpower. We also had to continuously consider safety, hygiene and customer experience as the top priority in our operations.

4)      What has Daraz taught you?

My journey at Daraz has been full of learning. I improved my communication, planning, decision making, training, teamwork, and leadership skills. Also, I have learned that we can overcome a series of challenges at work through good team spirit and dedication.

5)      Any advice for those who want to join Daraz?

If you are looking for a good e-commerce platform that challenges you and gives you an opportunity to grow, then Daraz is your best choice. Daraz offers a good and flexible working environment where teamwork is encouraged. These are also frequent engaging activities happening which prove to be a great motivating factor to employees. Also, we meet a wide array of people with different experiences and knowledge.

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