Daraz Parwaan Program – Enabling Underprivileged Youth To Be Entrepreneurs

Daraz Parwaan Program – Enabling Underprivileged Youth To Be Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, online platforms have become key enablers of digital businesses that facilitate small business owners to reach their goals with ease. Being the biggest e-commerce website in South Asia, Daraz Online Shopping aims to increase the convenience of consumers and sellers in Pakistan.

As key drivers of innovation in the digital world, Daraz understands that youths are the future leaders of the world, and the success of online platforms is closely tied to the success of these small-scale businesses that use platforms to reach customers because of which Daraz has introduced its new initiative, Daraz Parwaan Program, the aims to enable the dreams of underprivileged students in Pakistan by helping them develop and polish their skills, with the necessary resources, to be the entrepreneurs and leaders that they aspire to be

Daraz Partners up with TCF College and QriosityNet in Helping Student Entrepreneurs Expand Their Business Better!

For the Daraz Parwaan initiative, Daraz has partnered with QriosityNet and The Citizens Foundation,  Pakistan’s leading NGO in the field of education for the less privilegedd, that will provide an excellent opportunity for students who run a small business or are aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their business goals.

Daraz will be providing gadgets and other resources such as tablets to students from TCF along with extensive training and workshops with the help of QriosityNet to help these students become self-sufficient and be given a fair opportunity to expand their small businesses digitally.  This will help the students prepare them with the necessary skills to grow exponentially in the e-commerce sector.

QriosityNet is the definitive professional network for students, where they come together as a community from all around the world in this safe and collaborative space. Students create their digital student profiles and gain free access to limitless internship, job, apprenticeship, admission, scholarship and other relevant opportunities.

QriosityNet’s flagship Recruitment Readiness Drive goes above and beyond to reskill and upskill students with 21st Century work skills and prepare them for the future of work through online and in-person practical sessions. The Recruitment Readiness Drive invites industry leaders to impart their learning to students on topics such as interview & resume building tips, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, tools & tech training, to name a few.

How Daraz Parwaan Works

In collaboration with The Citizens Foundation, Daraz scouted 15 of the most deserving TCF College students from the current batch. These students were selected on the basis of their skills and future business plans as well as their aspirations.

These 15 meritorious individuals would be receiving one of the best and up-to-date tablets procured by Daraz with the help of TCF, which is collecting donations from Daraz users to help with the funds for the entire program.

Once their tablets are set up, QriosityNet would be organizing educational and business training workshops for these student-entrepreneurs giving them the must-have information about financial literacy, tools & tech knowledge and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to finally fulfil their dreams of starting up their own businesses.

Moreover, Daraz will also be providing trainings to the students who wish to expand their businesses in the digital world and create their shops on its platform.

You can play your part and help the students at TCF achieve their dreams! Click to below to donate now!

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