Help Pakistan through Easy Online Donations with Daraz

Help Pakistan through Easy Online Donations with Daraz

We believe in doing good, and that’s why Daraz is always working towards helping the community. As part of its efforts to do good, Daraz has partnered with several NGOs. This partnership makes it possible for Daraz to facilitate you in carrying out your acts of kindness in a more convenient way.

Daraz encourages you to help Pakistan – because every small help can pave the path for a better and prosperous Pakistan!

Listed below are all the NGOs that have joined Daraz for the noble cause:

Saylani Welfare International Trust (Karachi)

Daraz’s partnership with Saylani Welfare lets you make various types of online donations. You can donate to healthcare, education, or pay zakat online. You can also donate to shelter the homeless. Here are some of the donation packages from Saylani that you might be interested in:

Indus Hospital

The Indus Hospital and Daraz together bring to you donation packages with which you can help the society. Indus Hospital particulary offers donation packages for Covid-19 healthcare facilities at the hospital, so that those affected can receive better healthcare.

Zindagi Trust

Join Zindagi Trust in helping the needy by donating for education, food, teacher training, and more. You can also donate zakat online, and help out without having to go through much hassle.

United Nations Association of Pakistan (UNAP)

Daraz’s partnership with UNAP lets you donate in a number of ways. If you’re someone who cares for the environment, you can donate to UNAP to plant trees. Otherwise you could donate ration packages or give zakat to the daily wage earners affected by Covid-19.

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF)

TCF has always placed much emphasis on educating the unprivileged children of our society. You can donate to TCF in order to educate a child, or donate general zakat/sadqa to the organization.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is undoubtedly one of the most reliable NGOs in Pakistan. With the partnership between Edhi Foundation and Daraz, you can now make an online donation for zakat and ration for needy families.

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