Look Fresh with These Hacks When You’re Too Cold and Lazy to Shower

Look Fresh with These Hacks When You’re Too Cold and Lazy to Shower

Showering in Winter can be a real struggle! It’s too cold and we’re all too lazy. Our inner mammalian call for hibernation is at its peak and all we want to do is stay in the covers and be cozy. Try these Shower Alternatives!

If you’re one of those people who feel cold too much, it is probably common for you to keep motivating yourself to take a shower only to be distracted and too comfortable in the warm cozy sweaters and comforters and before you know it, it’s too late to shower.

Of course, we recommend Shower Alternatives because hygiene is super essential to stay healthy and make sure you don’t end up with fungal infections but on your lazy days, you can have a solution.

So, if you can relate to this, we have some hacks you can follow to look fresh and squeaky clean with these following products and learn how to shower without a shower.

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1) Dry Shampoo:

Your hair is the first thing people notice and it is a major giveaway that you haven’t showered 😅. So, in order to avoid oily and greasy hair, you can use this dry shampoo to give your hair the volume and shine it lacks

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2) Oil Blotting Sheets:

After oily and greasy hair, it is the face that looks dull and lacks freshness because of the reoccurring oil. These blotting sheets are a good way to get rid of the oil build-up and shine that keeps you from looking fresh!

100Pcs Oil Absorbing Blotting Paper Sheet Refreshing Oil Control Film Facial Tissue Makeup Tool
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3) Body Mist and Splash:

A body splash or body mists are an easy way to refresh your body and keep it smelling amazing!

Hannah Secret Fragrance Mist Body Spray Dazzling Kiss
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Body Luxuries Japanese Cherry Blossom Shimmer Mist 155ML
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4) Talcum Powders:

If you’re planning to skip your shower, we recommend using talcum powder because it can help absorb the oil and moisture on your skin which can prevent rashes and keep your skin fresh.

Johnson's Baby Baby Powder Blossom 500Gm
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5) Highlighters:

Glowing and radiating skin definitely is a way to look fresh and radiant! So, get that highlighter poppin’!

ELF Baked Highlighter Blush Gems
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Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Liquid Starlight    
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6) Cleaning Wipes:

Running super low on time? Using cleaning wipes on sweaty bits is a good hack for an instant clean-up!

Cleansings & Make Up Remover Removing Wipes 33'S
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7) Scrunchies for Bad Hair Days

Not showering can often lead to a bad hair day and unruly hair because of the lack of volume. So, tie it up and use a cute scrunchy to achieve a chic look!

6pcs Large Women's Chiffon Flower Hair Scrunchies Hair Bow Chiffon Ponytail Hold
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8) Deodorants:

Deodorants are a super essential accessory and should be used daily. But on days where you skip the shower, make sure you use your antiperspirant deodorant a little extra!

Old Spice Deodorant Under Arm stick 63gm
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