How to Win FREE Vouchers With Daraz First Games (DFG)? 3 2895

There are two things we all love in life. Winning free discounts and playing free video games, and what if we told you that with Daraz First Games, you can make the most of both?!

Daraz First Games is an exciting gaming platform on the Daraz App where you can play free online games with your friends and show off your skills! Read more about DFG by clicking here.

You can even challenge other plays to be on top of the leaderboard and win free vouchers in return by scoring high! So, if you’re wondering how to play games and win Daraz coupon up to Rs. 300 then here’s all you need to know!

How Do I Win Vouchers With Daraz First Games?

Think you’ve got great gaming skills? Test them out and participating in Daraz First Games contest and win free vouchers by following the steps!

  • Step 1:

Open your Daraz App and Select Daraz First Games

  • Step 2:

After opening Daraz First Games, select “Arena Win Vouchers”

  • Step 3:

To start winning the free vouchers, all you need to do is play the games that are listed in the featured contests on DFG on the Daraz App

  • Step 4:

After you’ve selected the game to be played, click on the option that says, “Challenge for Coupon” and start playing! Keep a look out to see when the tournament ends so you can collect your rewards and redeem them.

  • Step 5:

In order to in the free vouchers, you have to be among the high scores in the leaderboard. Before playing the game, click on the “leaderboard” to see the minimum score i.e rank 100 is.

Your rewards will vary according to your rank. The minimum is a reward of Rs. 50 at 100 rank and the maximum reward is of Rs. 300 if you score among the top 5!

So, make sure you’ve practiced the game enough before participating in the tournament. The more you play the more you’ll score high!

You can redeem your vouchers from Redemption Center in Daraz First Games.

Having troubles with DFG? Read our blog to solve them: Here Are the Answers to All Your Daraz First Game (DFG) FAQs

Find out which game is the best for you!

Download the Daraz App now and starting winning with DFG!

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6 months ago

How to play the daraz first gaming ?when games were not play then how I play the daraz first gaming?

6 months ago

How to play the daraz games

Muhammad aslam
Muhammad aslam
6 months ago
Reply to  Faseehshabeeh

Just fun