Islamic Books for Children in Pakistan for This Ramadan

Books for Ramadan for kids

Islamic Books for Children in Pakistan for This Ramadan

Ramadan is a wonderful time of year too strengthen your faith and to learn more about the teachings of Islam. Islamic books for children in Pakistan range from colored illustrations to fun stories about the prophets that all allow kids to take in important information without boring them.

Islamic Books for Children in Pakistan

English Stories of Muslim Prophets

A great way to get your children interested in Islamic history is through stories of the prophets of islam. These stories are not only incredibly interesting but they impart important lessons for your little ones. These colorful, illustrated books are a great choice to get kids involved.

"365 Islamic Stories" - Islamic Stories Book for Kids - Premium Quality

Anthology of Urdu Islamic Stories

If you prefer to read to your kids in Urdu, this 365 stories of Islam in Urdu is the perfect choice. The best part is you get hundreds of stories in one neat book so you didn’t need to look through different books all at once.

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Urdu Islamic Stories About Famous Commanders

From Muhammad Bin Qasim and Hazrat Usman Ghani (RA), these short books document the stories and lessons to gain from famous Islamic commanders. These Urdu stories come with fun illustrations to help push your kids imaginations and will be a treat for both adults and kids alike.

"Bachon ka Islami Encyclopedia" - Islamic Book of Knowledge for Kids - Premium Quality

Islamic Encyclopedia

Want to teach your kids about Islamic terms, rituals, and practices? This easy to follow Islamic Encyclopedia for kids comes complete with pictures to keep them following your every word!

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Great Muslim Scientists: Al-Khwarizmi (Pb)

Stories of Muslim Scientists

It’s so important to tell children about great achievements of Islamic figures in history. This book about Muslim scientists in history is a great way to start your child’s education and pride in Islamic figure achievements in the world.

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Easy Islam for Children

This Urdu version of easy Islamic ideas, practices, and teachings is a great if you want to make it easier for your kids to understand in a language that is more natural to them if they’re a native Urdu speaker.

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Islamic Moral Stories

This colorful book comes with 41 stories that teach different morals of Islam for kids. It’s a great way to get started with your kid’s Islamic education in a way that is fun and easily understandable for them.

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