Onto bigger and better things with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Onto bigger and better things with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The latest phablet (smartphone + tablet) in the Samsung Galaxy Note series has arrived and it does NOT disappoint. The biggest device available in Samsung’s 8 range (after the Samsung Galaxy S8), the device is ideal for individuals who want more real estate on their handheld device while satisfying all the usual expectations attending a flagship Samsung Electronics phone.

Explosive (in an entirely welcome way)

The latest phablet in the Samsung Galaxy Note series arrives unburdened by the shortcomings of its predecessor. The Note 7, as many would remember, had a rather explosive battery (literally!). This even led to a ban that prevented passengers from taking the Note 7 on-board aircraft on flights. The new Note 8, we can happily report, come with no such…inclinations. With a premium glass and metal build, improved camera quality and S Pen features as well as microSD expansion, the phone is a considerable upgrade over the Note 7 in size and specs.

Infinity Display

A feature of Samsung’s 8 series is the Infinity Display – a feature you will be hard-pressed to find in earlier models of the Samsung S or Samsung Note series. The Note 8 can provide the largest screen in the Note series, all thanks to an almost bezel-less display; with thin bezels taking up real estate either side of the phablet’s screen, all you see is the screen itself. The device’s body, while smooth, hence does not interfere with the user’s experience, resulting in a seamless viewing experience. This makes the Note 8 best suited to watch your favourite movies and shows on – a claim supported by the phablet’s official HDR certification.

Behind The Curtain

The phablet features an upgrade RAM of 6GB, while the new Snapdragon 835 chip powers the device. Users can easily play high-end games on the Note 8. The upgraded S Pen makes other tasks seem more achievable, with the accessory providing 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. The device features a more accessible fingerprint scanner than the S8, while it can also be unlocked through facial recognition and the iris scanner.

The Verdict

This phablet is a must-have for Samsung enthusiasts, and will certainly not disappoint. The only potential drawback is the price – at a retail price of Rs. 108,999, the phablet is certainly not easy on the pockets. Then again, this is the kind of phone Easy Monthly Instalments were made for!

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