Sunisa Foundation Price in Pakistan

Sunisa Foundation Price in Pakistan

Searching for Sunisa foundation in Pakistan. Find Latest Sunisa foundation Price in Pakistan 2021 & Where to Buy Sunisa foundation in Pakistan.

This Sunisa foundation review in Pakistan has everything you need to know about Sunisa foundation in Pakistan along with the Sunisa foundation price in Pakistan and Sunisa foundation directions and a lot more! Sunisa foundation is a Korean product that has become a viral foundation in Pakistan for oily skin and other skin types as well. It’s among the most trending makeup product that claims to give full coverage while also being waterproof and sweat resistant.

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How to use Sunisa foundation in Pakistan?

The Sunisa foundation in Pakistan comes with a mushroom headed moisture cushion beauty blender. The Sunisa foundation CC cream can be found in the round jar. Use the mushroom headed moisture cushion brush and dab plus press on the cream. The product will get deposited on the mushroom brush, which you can then dab and apply on to your face evenly.

How much does Sunisa foundation cost?

Sunisa Foundation original price in Pakistan is around PKR 2300 which you can get at a lesser price if you use Daraz discounts!

Is Sunisa foundation good for skin?

Sunisa foundation blurs fine lines and conceals marks and spots very easily. It’s waterproof and sweat resistant, long lasting foundation, with an elastic bionic film which makes it soft and skin-friendly. You shouldn’t expect any side effects from Sunisa foundation unless you’ve any particular skin conditions – in which case we suggest you take the advice of a skin specialist before using the Sunisa foundation in Pakistan.

Which foundation is best in Pakistan with price?

There are many foundations in Pakistan that are considered really good. Different products are suitable when it comes to the best foundations for oily skins or best foundations for dry skin or any other skin type. Sunisa foundation in Pakistan is also a great foundation choice for oily skin or normal to oily skin!

What are the Sunisa Foundation side effects?

Most sunisa foundation review state that there are no adverse side effects to the foundation. If your skin is sensitive to makeup, you may want to do a patch test on your arm to see if you have any allergic reactions to the foundation.

What is the Price of Sunisa Foundation in Pakistan?

Sunisa Foundation Price in Pakistan is around Rs. 2,300. The Lowest Price of Sunisa Foundation in Pakistan 2021 is Rs. 2,300 at

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