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Know when and what is the third Ashra of Ramadan and find third Ashra dua for this Ramadan 2021

In Islam, Ramadan is the most prestigious month where Muslims all around the world fast from dawn to dusk. Ramadan is of sheer importance because the rewards and blessings are doubled on the prayers and good deeds are done. Ramadan lasts for 29 or 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon and is divided into three parts calls Ashras in which each has its integral importance and blessings allotted.

Ramadan 2021 in Pakistan starts on the 14th of April and is going to fall during the Spring and Summers where the days are long and hot. You can check the Iftar time today and Sehri time today to be on track. Moreover, if you’re looking for Ramadan rashan packages and Ramadan grocery list to have then you can visit our blog for more info!

What is the Third Ashra of Ramadan?

The third of Ashra of Ramzan has the most important as it is the last 10 days of worship that is filled with seeking protection from Hellfire and is the most integral in the form of worship to seek forgiveness and mercy. In this Ashra there are “taak ratein” where in the last 10 days in the Ramadan third Ashra, any odd day can be the day where Shab-e-Qadr falls which is the Night of Decree where the verses of the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad making it an extremely Holy Night to pray on.

What is an Ashra?

Ashra is the parts or stages in which the month of Ramadan is divided into. The first Ashra of Ramadan begins on the 1st till the 10th of Ramadan. The second Ashra of Ramadan beings from the 11th till the 20th of Ramadan and the Third Ashra of Ramadan starts from the 21st till the 29th of Ramadan.

What We Say to 1st Ashra of Ramadan?

The first Ashra of Ramzan are the days of Mercy in which every Muslim seeks mercy from Allah by keeping steadfast with their temper and practice patience and give charity in abundance. The second Ashra of Ramzan is of Forgiveness where Muslims can repent for their past sins and seek forgiveness from Allah by praying and worship.  

Dua for the Third Ashra of Ramadan

As the Third Ashra of Ramadan is of sheer importance as in these last 10 days Laylatul Qadr falls as well, which the night of worship which is better than 1000 nights of worship combined. So, make sure you keep your prayers intact and worship frequently where you can say the following is the 3rd ashray ki Dua that has a lot of importance:

3rd Ashra Dua

اَللَّهُمَّ أَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ
Allahuma Ajirni minan-Naar
“O Allah, save me from the fire (Jahannam)”

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