11 Relatable Things Every Pakistani Has at Home!

11 Relatable Things Every Pakistani Has at Home!

Being a Pakistani you can always be sure of one thing, we make our own comfort and leave our mark while doing it! If you’re a true Pakistani and desi to the core then we can bet you must have all these things in your house or found them at least once!

From hoarding plastic dabbas in the kitchen shelves, not throwing away old cream jars because as our desi mom’s say, “beta baad mein kaam ayein gee.” It is safe to say, our desi parents are the real OG when it comes to sustainability and repurposing.

Here are all the things you can definitely find in every Pakistani household!

1) A plastic bag within a plastic bag, this is the Pakistani version of Inception.

2) Using spice jars to store spices? Pfft, why waste money when you can store all these masalas in jam bottles?

3) Are you even Pakistani if you don’t have one these bad boys at home?


5) Leftovers in ice-cream boxes? This is why the younger Pakistani generation has trust issues!

6) As kids, we all have vowed that one day we will actually find cookies in these rather than sewing kits..

7) Removing plastic covers from the sofas? What?! That will only happen when your “rishtay walay loug” are here!

 8) Even the remote control has to follow this rule!

9) AC cooling without this chaddar under the door: 40%
AC cooling with this chaddar under the door: 100%

10) Reusing empty cold drink bottles as water bottles because, why not?

11) Last but the not the least, finding suitcases covered carefully in a shiny blanket on top of cupboards in your parents’ rooms!

No matter how silly these might appear to us, it is what makes us feel at home and make us proud of being Pakistanis!

So, how many of these do you have at home?

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