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Winter is finally here. Winter is every Pakistani’s favourite season because you finally get to wear your warm hoodies, be lazy in your bed under the warm blanket and enjoy dry fruits! But one thing to that everyone hates about winter is the dry skin! Especially if you have sensitive skin, the dryness can be […]

Flawless, youthful, glowing skin is something no girl would actually mind having. As easy as this may sound, you really need to work up on this in order to achieve the natural glow. The real game behind this is removing the dead skin cells that act like dust on a polished surface. Ruins the entire […]

The most annoying thing during winters is an itchy scalp and it turns into an embarrassment when you have to itch your scalp in a public place. It gets worse when dandruff flakes get visible and fall out on your clothes too. Dandruff is basically a scalp condition caused by a fungus which feed on […]

Pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation or discoloration refers to the coloring of the skin and almost all of us have actually faced this skin problem at least once. Discoloration is a condition that causes your skin to darken and even causes some patches on the face or the body. Age spots or liver spots are also the same […]

Chapped Lips are very common during winters and almost everyone is trying to find a solution to get rid of them. Even after keeping the lips moisturized with a lip balm and taking good care of your lips and skin in general, you might still end up struggling with dry, flaky lips. Here are a […]

1) Coconut or Olive Oil Oil is usually a base for many beauty DIY projects whether its scrubs, moisturizers, or algae face masks. Two of the most commonly used oils are coconut or olive due to the high fat content in both which provides amazing moisturize for your skin, hair, and nails. 2) Eggs Egg […]