Host the Best Rooftop BBQ Party Ever With These Ideas!

Host the Best Rooftop BBQ Party Ever With These Ideas!

Summer time is already here. Enjoy BBQ party with your friends and family that we all have been craving for! Beat the summer time heat and have fun with your amazing BBQ dishes.

This summers we enjoy BBQ mouthwatering dishes as we all can’t say no to tandoori and tikka dishes. Lets begin the fun with amazing BBQ party rooftop ideas.

Best BBQ roof top essentials


Who does not likes eating and if you double the fun by hosting it on your roof top that will be beyond hike!

There are a lot of checks to be filled for precautionary measures which enhances the creativity and décor of your roof top. If you’re on the look out, we’ve listed all the essentials you need to host the greatest rooftop party of all time. Lets begin!

BBQ Cooking Essentials

Prepping meat comes first in any BBQ party. Make sure you have stocked up the supplies you need and prepared your meat according to the number of people who will be showing up to the event. This will bring a lot ease and half of your work will be already done.

1) Skewers

The better the skewer the better it will hold your meat for perfect cooking.

Pack of 6 - BBQ Skewers
Pack Of 6 - Bbq Skewers - Silver

2) Grill Basket

Don’t want to hold the skewers? Well this grill basket is a perfect blend for you. Use this without getting your hands dirty and enjoy your balanced cooking with comfort.

Bbq Grill Basket With Wooden Handle - Silver

3) Anghethi Grill

Who does not know about angehti? Off course we all counts this in our essential in BBQ party and used in our desi parties.

Bbq Grill With 6 Stain Less Steel Skewers

Portable Camping Picnic Charcoal Barbecue BBQ Grill

4) BBQ Grill Stand

No need to discomfort yourself anymore. Grill your BBQ with easy by using these grilling stands and make in count!

Bar B Q Grill Folding Stand Small Size 28'' Length High Quality

Check out Best BBQ Grills Prices in Pakistan

5) Coals

Can you drive a car without fuel? Just like that you cannot grill without coal. It’s a MUST! Loom your surrounding with char smelling coal.

magic coals pack of 10 packs 100 coals

6) Meat Tenderizer and Marination

Problem eating hard BBQ boti? No worries Shan brings you the best meat tenderizer which helps the meat to soften and gives a gooey taste. Marinate your food for 9-10 hours for best cooking results. Always remember the longer the better in taste!

Shan Meat Tenderizer Powder 40g
Chicken Tikka Masala Mix BBQ Traditional Taste 100Gm
Shan Chicken Tikka Masala 50g

8) 2-in-1 Oil Bottle and Brush

This 2-in-1 oil bottle and brush will be the handiest thing you can get your hands on! Oil and brush and make cooking easy!

Silicone Bbq & Baking Oil Bottle With Brush

Roof Top Decor

Do you want your rooftop looking amazing just like how it look in the picture above? It’s all about ambiance that’s the key! Decide a theme and decor according to that for the most amazing compliments and fun in return.

Make sure you have all the essentials to decor ready here:

Buy The Look Here:

Click on the images to buy the products and recreate the look!

Fairy lights to make your roof look enchanted in the night:


Paper Lanterns for a fun and picture-worthy look:

Paper Lantern set of three pieces

LED Candles to give the table look more decorated:


Lantern Table Lamps for light up the roof beautifully:


Party Accessories

A food party is incomplete without accessories that will make your life easier and will come in handy

Drink Dispenser:

This drink dispenser is bound to save you the bottle mess and over spillage of the drinks. It’s convenient and easy to use.

Fizz Saver Cold Drink Dispenser

Portable Paper Cups and Plates:

Use disposable plates and save yourself from washing dishes. Considering you’re hosting the party on a roof top, this hack will save you the trouble of your plates and glasses getting dirty and worse, breaking!

65pcs/set 20 People Party Paper Plates Cups Straws Disposable Tableware Stripe Theme Party Wedding Decoration

Music System

A party is incomplete without music is a grill without coal! Save your amazing music list and entertain your guest with the music in background.

Bluetooth Speakers:


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