Best BBQ Grill Price in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

Best BBQ Grill Price in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

Eid-ul-adha is on its way and you must be looking for the best grill price in Pakistan online. Well, then you are at the right place. 

We have prepared a list of the best grill prices in Pakistan. Have a look:

Best BBQ Grill Price in Pakistan 2023

Best BBQ Grill in PakistanPrice 
Folding Grill BBQ Grill Rs. 2449
BBQ Grill with Gas Stand Rs. 2599
Portable Charcoal Grill Rs. 3988
Smokeless BBQ Grill Rs. 1,450 
Moving Wheels BBQ Grills Rs. 7,199

BBQ reminds of EID and it is a MUST! We should look for BBQ grills this Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan. Moreover, if we look at brands out there it is no way choosing when it comes to quality, material, preferences and longevity. Therefore, it is a seasonal buy so it demands attention. 

Let’s beat the BBQ by these amazing all inclusive brands offering which fulfils the quantum of price, ranking, ratings and performance. 

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12 Best BBQ Grills in Pakistan 2023

1. BBQ Grill with stand

BBQ Grill with stand
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BBQ grill with stand is available online in Pakistan. This grill allows you to make BBQ while standing up and easily keep the eye on the food to cook evenly.


  • Comes with double structure body.
  • There are 2 attached BBQ grills along with a cooking plate which can be further separately used for wire grill and iron plate BBQ.
  • To avoid food burning the cooking plate is silicon resin which is also easy to clean with adjustable height.
  • Material used: BBQ body iron, BBQ grill chrome plated, cooking iron plate silicon resin processing and frame iron. 

2. BBQ Grill with Manual Blower 

BBQ Grill with Manual Blower
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It is a high quality bbq grill that comes with a manual blower which helps to boost the cooking process so you can enjoy tempting dishes and cuisine.


  • High quality product comes with a unique design. Easy to use and no use of any other handy fan.
  • Portable adjusted charcoal grill.
  • Steel construction for durability along with a chrome-steel top.
  • Super easy to clean with built-in BBQ manual air blower.

3. Folding BBQ Grill

Folding BBQ Grill
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Foldable BBQ grills are so popular in households. It is available in 3 sizes: small, medium. It has stainless steel material which is easy to fold, extremely handy and safe to use. This portable BBQ grill is best for outdoor cooking festivity


  • This BBQ outdoor portable device uses charcoal to function. 
  • This device comes with a charcoal rack and grill rack for cooking.
  • It is foldable and portable for instant use.
  • It comes with an ash catcher and easy to clean 

4. BBQ Grill with Gas Stand

BBQ Grill with Gas Stand
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BBQ grill with gas stand, also known as Angeethi. It is very popular and found in almost every household of Pakistan to enlighten EID-UL-AZHA.

You can make yummy dishes in this BBQ grill including tikka seekh kabab, tandoor kebabs and much more. 


  • Comes with a wooden handle to save you from burning hands.
  • High quality Angeethi which is light in weight and best for home use. 
  • It comes in high quality and properly packed when dispatched. 
  • It has corner safety brackets to protect you from burns. 

5. BBQ Grill Coal Bar

BBQ Grill Coal Bar
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BBQ grill coal Bar comes with a wide grill that is suitable for people who want to cook all in one go. 

It is also known as an angeethi burner. Along with the grill you will also get 12 BBQ skewers to make delicious Seekh Kebabs for your family and friends.


  • The grill has a width of 10 inches so you can make dishes in one go. 
  • It has a burner space of 1.5 feet in which you store as many coals as you want. 
  • Easy to carry if you are going for an outdoor festivity.
  • Installed with wooden handles to avoid contact with burns. 

6. Portable Charcoal Grill

Portable Charcoal  Grill
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This portable BBQ grill is extremely convenient for outdoor events, festivities, picnics and much more. It is easy to handle and user friendly. Its portable design makes it easy to carry. 


  • Designed for outdoor festivities.
  • It is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Easy to assemble because of its slim line design.

7. Smokeless BBQ Grill

 Smokeless BBQ Grill
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If you dislike BBQ smoke this product is for you. Our smokeless round grill is designed for healthy cooking since it uses less oil/fats with a grease draining system. Works great with any type of meat, and you can make dishes in a healthy way. The water-filled ring is specially designed to eliminate splattering and smoke. You can also use this to grill your vegetables along with your meaty dishes. 


  • Portable for both indoors and outdoor use.
  • It is a non-stick smokeless BBQ grill.
  • You can enjoy your dishes anywhere you want on both gas and electric stoves.

8. Portable Outdoor Grill

Portable Outdoor Grill
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If you are looking for a portable folding BBQ grill you are in the right place. It’s easy to disassemble and assemble because of its light weight. It has cold rolled plates which are easy to clean. It comes in one standard black color. You carry this outdoors whenever you want and enjoy your delicious cuisines.

9. BBQ Grill Outdoor Garden

BBQ Grill Outdoor Garden
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This BBQ grill is specially designed for outdoor festivity. It has a stove look from outer shell and is best for camping and travel parties. The grid size and grilling surface area is big so you can easily make your food in one go. It is portable and convenient to use. You can use your standard charcoal in this grill. The material used is steel and comes in black color. 

10. Moving Wheels BBQ Grill

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It is the charcoal kettle grill used for outdoor festivities because of its moving wheels. It comes with additional grills and occupies less cooking space in your garden and has heat control for your garden backyard. It is easy to use and comes with an ash catcher so you can directly dispose it away without getting any mess. Charcoal BBQ grill is easy to move and transport for outdoor parties as well. The outer round coating bowl is porcelain enameled so it retains heat inside for grilling and other cooking.  

11. Sinbo Footed Electric Grill

This is a Sinbo footed electric grill which uses 2000 watts power. It is the most lavish grill. If you want something fancy then it’s best for you. It also has a storage space at the bottom where you can keep your oil and spices while grilling your cuisines. The material used is plastic and comes with 5 heat settings. The grill is of metal and with an oil drip tray to avoid the oil to fall directly on the metal tray.

Electric BBQ Grill Price in Pakistan 

Following is our list of top electric BBQ grill price in Pakistan 2023: 

Electric BBQ Grill Prices 
Electric Barbeque Grill with Hot PlaceRs. 6,499
Turkish Electric GrillRs. 10,900
Electric BBQ Barbecue Grill (Plug)Rs. 7,999


 BBQ grill can make your EID UL AZHA more delightful. Invite your friends and family to enjoy your utmost time with them. We hope that you find this article helpful.

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