11 Best Mini Fridge in Pakistan with Prices (2023 Update)

11 Best Mini Fridge in Pakistan with Prices (2023 Update)

Do you feel like getting a mini fridge for your bedroom to satisfy your midnight craving without going to the living room? Then, you must look into our list of best mini fridge price in Pakistan 2023 that you can easily buy online from Daraz. 

So what are you waiting for?

Best Mini Fridge Price in Pakistan 2023 (Quick Guide)

Best Mini Fridge in Pakistan 2023 Prices
Dawlance 9160 Bedroom Series Rs. 40,400
Westpoint Bedroom Refrigerator (WF-203SS) Rs. 29,999
Haier Single Door (HRF-62WL) Rs. 24,500
Orient Bedroom Refrigerator 114F Rs. 23,000
PEL Life Pro PRLP – 1400 Rs. 34,900

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Fridge

  • Kind of Food You’re Going to Keep

The mini fridge has limited options due to its smaller size so you must know what features you need in the bedroom refrigerator. If you want to store soft drink cans or eggs then you must look into the product description if the refrigerator has an egg tray or can rack option. 

  • Check Out the Cooling System for Low Noise 

You don’t want the refrigerator to generate constant humming noise. The absorption cooling system is the quietest option but it is not energy efficient. Go with the compressor cooling system that comes with a low noise option and is highly energy efficient which is perfect for long-term investment. 

  • Get the Fridge with Cool Exterior Design 

The mini fridge should complement your room design and setting. It does not matter if you’re getting a mini fridge for your bedroom, entertainment room, office cabin, or anywhere else, it must blend with the style of your furniture. Get the mini fridge with modern style and cool color that goes with your home décor. 

11 Best Mini Fridge in Pakistan 2023

1. Dawlance 9160 Bedroom Series 


Dawlance bedroom series is the perfect product to start your mini fridge shopping in Pakistan. The 9160 bedroom refrigerator of Dawlance is designed with the consideration to enhance the aesthetic of the room with innovative features that keep you away from the kitchen as much as possible.


  • Modern design to complement the bedroom’s aesthetics 
  • Save up to 35% energy with R600a 
  • Freezer compartment 
  • 12 year brand warranty 
  • Available in vibrant colors 

2. Westpoint Bedroom Refrigerator (WF-203SS)


Westpoint is one of the leading refrigerator brands in Pakistan, and its mini fridge is equally as good as its general refrigerator series. The bedroom refrigerator series has the capacity of 2 Cu ft. (47 liters) with a freezer compartment and elegant design to keep the ambiance of the bedroom intact. 


  • Ice cube tray 
  • 220-240 V | 50 Hz
  • Child lock 
  • Built-in condenser 
  • Child lock system 
  • Direct cool 

3. Haier Single Door (HRF-62WL)


Haier is one of the most recognized brands in the home appliance industry. The bedroom refrigerator series comes with the multi-layer gas kit and a thick door liner for the optimal performance in small spaces. The direct cooling method keeps the food fresh for a longer time. 


  • 17kg net weight 
  • 180-240V
  • Ice tray 
  • 62 ltr gross capacity 
  • 10 ltr freezer capacity 

4. Orient Bedroom Refrigerator 114F


Orient is one of the most preferred brands when it comes to buying a fridge in Pakistan. The mini fridge 114F of Orient comes with a separate refrigerator and freezer compartment with amazing features that are needed for any bedroom size. 


  • 1-year brand warranty 
  • 61 ltr refrigerator capacity 
  • 27 ltr freezer capacity 
  • 90W power input 

5. PEL Life Pro PRLP – 1400 


PEL PRLP-1400 contains everything that you are looking for in the bedroom refrigerator. This single door mini fridge has a rapid cooling design suited for the Pakistan environment. Moreover, the condenser is built with pure copper that prevents rust and excels the cooling performance. 


  • Ample food cabinet space
  • Instant ice in 25 minutes 
  • 135 ltr total capacity 
  • 110 Watts power consumption
  • Interior LED light 

6. Esquire Double Door Refrigerator ESQ-65


Esquire ESQ-65 mini fridge comes in 4 Cu ft. double glass door with separate refrigerator and freezer compartment. Pure copper is used for internal wiring that prevents rust and enhances the cooling performance of the room refrigerator. Furthermore, the modern design completely blends with the ambiance of the bedroom. 

  • 90W power input
  • 61 ltr refrigerator capacity 
  • 27 ltr freezer capacity 
  • 1 year brand warranty 

7. Geepas GRF6534 Mini Refrigerator 


Geepas is an international electronic appliance brand spread across 85 countries including Pakistan. GRF6534 comes with all the essential features required in the ideal mini fridge such as adjustable temperature control, low noise design, and eco-friendly technology. 


  • 18 kg gross weight 
  • Door lock 
  • Separate chiller compartment 
  • 60 ltr capacity 

8. Gaba National GNR-163SS Room Refrigerator 


Gaba National is a well-known brand in the refrigerator industry. Its mini fridge series comes in the most economical rates and with amazing features such as low noise, and mechanical temperature. The powerful 250W compressor is rated as A+ in energy efficiency, and pure copper wiring ensures the top-rated cooling performance. 


  • 3 years brand warranty of compressor 
  • 1 year parts warranty 
  • 50Hz frequency 
  • Low noise

9. Hisense Mini Fridge RR44D6ASE 


Hisense single-door mini fridge comes with a complete stainless steel body with 4.4. Cu ft size. It has one of the smallest room refrigerator sizes in Pakistan which is only 32 inches high and 20.4 inches wide. This mini fridge comes with shelf storage, a 2 ltr bottle bin, and a full-width chiller that makes it perfect for a medium size bedroom. 


  • Adjustable temperature control 
  • Glass shelves for easy cleaning 
  • Can rack
  • Additional installation options 

10. Haier Mini Fridge HR-126BL


Haier HR-126BL is a single-door mini refrigerator that comes with an amazing direct cooling method and reversible door. The hidden handle and stylish design perfectly complement the bedroom aesthetics. Moreover, this mini fridge has low noise (<42dB) and comes with eco-friendly features. 


  • R134a Refrigerator 
  • 76 ltr net capacity
  • Fast cooling 
  • Door lock
  • Wider voltage design 

11. Enviro ERF 55 Mini Fridge


Enviro is a home appliances brand in Pakistan that is famous for making affordable electronic products. When it comes to bedroom refrigerators, Enviro offers ERF 55 mini fridge that comes with all the essential features within budget. This single-door refrigerator comes with mechanical temperature control, low noise design, and aesthetic features that fit perfectly with any bedroom setting. 


  • Defrost function 
  • Reversible door 
  • 3 year compressor warranty
  • 1 year parts warranty 

FAQs: Best Mini Fridge in Pakistan

Which Company Mini Fridge is best? With best mini fridge price in Pakistan

Following are brands offering the best mini fridge within budget:

  • Haier
  • Dawlance 
  • Enviro 
  • Westpoint 
  • Esquire

Which brand refrigerator is best in Pakistan?

Following are the best refrigerator brands in Pakistan:

  • Dawlance 
  • Haier 
  • Samsung 
  • PEL 
  • Orient 

What is the cost of a small fridge?

The price of a small refrigerator in Pakistan starts from Rs. 12,000 – 15,000 PKR. 

Can a mini fridge be a freezer?

Some of the mini fridge, especially the double door, comes with the option of a freezer. 


Have you decided which best mini fridge price in Pakistan you are going to buy for your bedroom? To get the best mini fridge price in Pakistan, head over to Daraz app and get the best discount and get the complete advantage of the ongoing sales. 

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