Washing Machine Buying Guide | Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2023

Washing Machine Buying Guide | Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2023

Are you looking for the best washing machine in Pakistan 2023 under your budget? Then, you are absolutely at the right place. 

In this buying guide, we tried to answer every query regarding washing machine shopping in Pakistan. 

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to buying washing machines in Pakistan.

So, to put you at ease. We have prepared the best washing machine 2023 list for different needs. Let’s check out our quick guide.

Best Washing Machine Models in Pakistan 2023

The following list has been made after considering all major factors in a washing machine such as load capacity, size, spin capacity, smart features, and customer reviews.

Haier3D Wash Series HWM 90-17899 kgTop Loading-Automatic54,499
DawlanceDWT 255 Clear Lid8.5 kgTop Loading-Automatic47,500
KenwoodKWM-9001FAT9 kgTop Loading-Automatic50,999
Samsung70J32837 kgFront Loading-Automatic109,999
PanasonicNA-F90A19 kgTop Loading-Automatic99,920
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We have a separate list of washing machines if you have budget constraints.

Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2023 Under Rs. 40,000

KenwoodKWM-950 Cyclone Series9 KgSemi-automatic25,900
DawlanceDW 6550 C12 KgSemi-automatic27,000
HaierHwm 120-As12 KgSemi-automatic30,999
OrientTwister 90508kgFully-automatic39,000

Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2023 Under Rs. 20,000

KenwoodKWS-105010 kgSemi-automatic16,900
DawlanceDW 6100C8 kgSemi-automatic17,000
HaierHWM 80-358 kgSemi-automatic15,799
HomageHW-4991WP9 kgSemi-automatic14,900
Super AsiaSA-27010 kgSemi-automatic17,199

Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in Pakistan 

  • Haier 
  • Dawlance 
  • Kenwood 
  • Super Asia
  • Bosch 
  • Samsung 
  • PEL
  • Midas
  • Homage
  • LG

To finalize the best washing machine, you need to understand what kind of washing machine is suitable for your daily use. 

Types of Washing Machine Available in Pakistan 

Generally washing machine comes in four different types that are,

  • Fully-Automatic 
  • Semi-Automatic 
  • Top Load 
  • Front Load 

Let’s decipher each type one by one. 

1. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A fully automatic washing machine, literally, does washing functions on its own like wash, rinse, spin, and dry. It has a single tub, where you put the clothes and take them out after washing and drying. You only need to set the water level, spin time, rinse, and dry time, the fully-automatic washing will take the water itself, wash and dry the clothes according to your settings. 

Automatic washing machine price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 35,000.

2. Semi Automatic Washing Machine 

The Semi Automatic washing machine has two separate tubs for cleaning and cleaning and drying. After washing and rinsing, you have to put the clothes manually in the dryer for its drying cycle. 

Semi-Automatic washing machine price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 15,000.

3.  Top Load Washing Machine 

The clothes in this type of washing machine are loaded from the top, and have an agitator to twist the clothes back and forth for better cleaning. The top-loading washing machine is less expensive compared to other types. It is a good option for couples with weekly usage. 

The price of top-loading washing machines starts from Rs. 9,999 in Pakistan.  

4. Front Load 

A Front-Loading washing machine is the ideal option if you have a smaller washing area. These washing machines are the perfect big thing in a small package, they have a small body but large interior that can take a massive load easily. Its dryers can be stacked vertically, which means it would not take any floor space. Moreover, it requires much less water to clean a larger load than a top-loaded washing machine.

Front loaded washing machine price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 71,000.

Here are some of the top-rated front load washing machine price in Pakistan 2023 that you can buy from Daraz on installments:

BoschBSH-WM-FL-WAJ20170GC7 kg104,999
HooverDXOA58AK3R- Black8 kg149,500
MidasMIWMF555-WT9 kg115,000
HaierHWM 80-12929S38 kg78,999
DawlanceDWF 82008 kg97,000
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Washing Machine Capacity Guide

CapacitySizeIdeal for Family of
6 to 6.5KgSmallBachelor, Family of 2-4
6.5 to 7KgMediumFamily of 4-6
7 to 8KgMediumFamily of 6-8
10 KgLargeFamily of 8+


Now, you know what is the best washing machine according to your needs and budget. Now, go straight to the Daraz App and get the best washing machine prices in Pakistan on installments with 0% markup. 

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