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Don’t Know Which Inverter AC Is Best In Pakistan in 2021? Let Us Help You Find Best Inverter AC in Pakistan with Prices & Pictures.

Summers may be fun and lively but are often unforgiving. With the intensity of heatwaves and humidity it brings, the scorching heat makes it almost impossible to stay in a room without an AC in Pakistan!

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When most people decide to buy a new AC in Pakistan, it often comes with hours of internet searching and ‘specs’ comparison. But even then it seems like you’re settling for less. What if there’s a better Air Conditioner out there that meets your budget but you simply never came across it?

Well, we’re here to calm those qualms with a round-up of our list of the best inverter ACs you can find in Pakistan, so you can do all your research in one place!

What are Inverter ACs and Why Should You Buy One?

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between buying a regular AC and an Inverter AC, then the answer is simple!

Inverter ACs are more power-efficient and eco-friendly!

Inverter ACs have a variable speed compressor that controls the power supply frequency of the motor in a way that it regulates the unit’s cooling and heating capacity. This helps in stopping the continuous start-stop frequency and allows the power to be used efficiently in the longer run.

So, forget worrying about getting a high electricity bill in summers when you have an Inverter AC!

We’ve listed some of the best inverter ACs in Pakistan that you can buy on Daraz through the official flagship stores on DarazMall!


The Haier air conditioner with 1.5 Ton Triple Inverter Series is a DC Inverter that features Self Cleaning and Heating and Cooling function. The AC features a decreased vibration and sound with its low compressor frequency and saves you up to 66% power saving!

• Rated Voltage: 220-240V
• LEDConcealed LED Display
• AirflowStrong Turbo Cool
• Anti-CorrosionYes
• Long Distance Airflow Yes
• Easy Operation of Controller

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Orient air conditioners latest Jupiter DC Inverter AC is streamlined with enhanced cooling features that that controls your room’s heating and cooling with great precision. With its Low Voltage Operation, get great energy consumption which saves you up to 60% on your electricity bills. This Inverter AC functions smoothly and silently, ensuring that your sleep or rest time isn’t disturbed and cools your room faster!

• Rated Voltage: 220-240V
• Rated Capacity – Cooling 18000 Btu/h  
• Low Voltage Operation 150v
• Fast Cooling 10 Kg
• Wifi Connectivity Yes
• R410a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

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The PEL Inverter Split AC APEX Series features a smart technology that adapts smart cooling between the indoor and outdoor. With its 4D Air Flow, experience faster cooling combined with long air throw providing a performance like no other! With Pel’s Auto Clean feature, you can get rid of harmful contaminants automatically and giving you an energy-efficient unit for the whole house!

• Rated Voltage: 220~240V/50Hz V/Ph/Hz
• Rated Capacity – Cooling 3500(1400-4000)W
• Rated Capacity – Heating 3500(1400-3800) W
• Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 3.4 W/W
• Indoor unit weight(Net ) 10 Kg
• Wifi Connectivity Yes
• R410a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

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Kenwood air conditioners introduces the all-new Five Dimension Tropical Inverter AC unit in Pakistan. The 4D Cooling Power and elegant design allow your interior to look great as well. You get a heating and cooling technology with this inverter. Along with its anti-fungal feature, you can cool off without worrying about germs and save up to 65% of energy.

• Rated Voltage: 220-240V
• Air Flow 4D
• Cooling Power in Tons 1.5 Tons
• Functions   Heat & Cool
• Anti-Fungus Function Yes
• Gas R410a
• Cooling effect   Fast-cooling

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The Gree air conditioner with 1.5 Ton Dc Inverter Inverter Split Air Conditioner is another DC inverter that will make your summers stay cool and allow you to save energy as well! With its Turbo Cooling feature and instant cooling with super low sound. Not only those, but the sleek design will also look great your room!

• Output Capacity (H/S/L) Watts 5600/5200/1500
• Power Input (H/S/L) Watts 2100/1520/390
• Energy efficient ratio ( EER ) 3.6
• Noise Control Ultra-Low
• Turbo CoolingYes
• Temperature Control Precise

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Dawlance air conditioners is Pakistan’s most reliable appliance brand. The Powercon Inverter AC Series by Dawlance is a remarkable performing AC that provides Quick Cooling with Typhoon Air Technology. You can ensure safety with its Auto Refrigerant Leakage Detection & Fire Proof Control system. It an advanced AC so you and family enjoy durability and comfort!

• Voltage Range 150 to 260V 
• Typhoon air technology 1100mm
• Quick CoolingYes
• Cleaning Pipeless Self-cleaning
• Copper Connecting Yes
• Leakage DetectionYes

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Changhong Ruba

The Changhong Ruba inverter AC features a Golden fins evaporator and condenser that provides a Turbo Cooling and Heating feature. You can save up to 70% of energy and saves you the hassle of cleaning with its Auto-Clean feature and Anti-Bacteria filter while you enjoy a cool and clean air quality!

• Wide Voltage Range (150V to 260V)
• Energy saving up to 65%
• Upgraded condenser copper tube 7mm
• Longer air throw Yes
• Turbo cooling Yes
• Connecting Pipe 100% Copper

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