8 Best Vacuum Cleaner Prices in Pakistan for a Clean Home

8 Best Vacuum Cleaner Prices in Pakistan for a Clean Home

Maintaining a clean and dust-free home is essential for a healthy and comfortable living environment, especially in Pakistan where environmental factors can contribute to dust accumulation. A reliable vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer, making the task of cleaning more efficient and effective. With a wide range of options available in the market, finding the best vacuum cleaner suited for Pakistani households is crucial. This article highlights the 8 best vacuum cleaner price in Pakistan that cater to various cleaning needs, ensuring a tidy and inviting home for families across Pakistan.

List of 8 Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

1.Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 770 SMTRs 20499
2.BLACK+DECKER NV1200AV Powerful Dust Buster Car Vacuum CleanerRs 14999
3.Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633Rs 22800
4.Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 6724 ENJRs 35999
5.Westpoint Deluxe Magic Broom WF 232Rs 11104
6.Philips Bagless vacuum cleaner FC9350/01Rs 67499
7.TCL Sweeva 2000 Vacuum CleanerRs 32990
8.Hitachi Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV-960YRs 18500

1. Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 770 SMT

Introducing our compact and energy-saving cleaning solution, designed to simplify your household tasks. With a 1.8L dust capacity and dust full indicator, cleaning is effortless and efficient. The air outlet features HEPA12 technology for improved air quality, while the metal telescopic tube and 5-meter cable ensure easy maneuverability.

The soft-touch handle and rubber-coated wheels enhance comfort and stability. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan.

2. BLACK+DECKER NV1200AV Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing the BLACK+DECKER NV1200AV Powerful Dustbuster Car Vacuum Cleaner, which is the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan for maintaining your car’s cleanliness. This handheld vacuum comes in a sleek red and black design, powered by a 12V DC adapter that conveniently fits into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

With its ergonomic design, this compact vacuum offers comfortable use and is equipped with a double-action filtration system that ensures optimal performance and durability. Its 5-meter cable allows you to effortlessly reach every nook and cranny of your car, including the boot, while standard cleaning accessories enhance its versatility.

3. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633

Discover the powerful efficiency of the Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633, is the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan that not only elevates your home maintenance but also finds utility in various Masjids Crafted in Malaysia, this drum-type vacuum cleaner boasts a robust max input power of 2000W, ideal for tackling different cleaning tasks.

With a generous 25L dust capacity, it ensures extended cleaning sessions. The package includes two plastic extension wands, offering enhanced reach. While featuring a durable hose for convenience, this vacuum cleaner also presents an anti-bacterial filter and a 2-step nozzle for thorough cleaning. The blower operation, 5m cord length, and metal tube contribute to its practicality.

4. Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC 6724 ENJ

Experience top-tier cleaning performance with the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan – boasting a formidable 2300W max power and a robust 400W suction power. This powerhouse comes equipped with a generous 4L capacity and variable power control, ensuring thorough cleaning on your terms. Its intuitive dust full indicator keeps you informed, while the extensive 8m operation radius allows you to reach every corner effortlessly.

With H12 HEPA filtration for cleaner air, a metal telescopic tube for versatility, and 360° moving capabilities on four small wheels, it’s a dream to use. Small tool storage, a soft-touch handle, rubber-coated wheels, and a multi-function cable rewinder add to the convenience, making it a standout choice for your cleaning needs.

5. Westpoint Deluxe Magic Broom WF 232

Elevate your cleaning routine with the WF-232 Westpoint Deluxe Magic Broom, renowned as one of the best vacuum cleaners in Pakistan. With a powerful 115W high vacuum power, this versatile cleaning marvel combines vacuuming and mopping to effortlessly tackle dirt on all types of floors. Its 2-liter dust capacity ensures extended cleaning sessions, while the vertical park function and chamber with cord wrapping add to its convenience.

Crafted in Turkey, this 1000-watt wonder features a bag-less vacuum cleaning system, a multi-triangular nozzle, and an easy locking mechanism for user-friendly operation. The WF-232 also boasts an impressive air flow rate of 27L/sn, weighing just 2.60 kg and emitting a sound level of 78dB.

6. Philips Bagless vacuum cleaner FC9350/01

Experience top-tier cleaning performance with the Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner FC9350/01, recognized as one of the best vacuum cleaners in Pakistan. This compact powerhouse delivers king-size performance, boasting higher suction power thanks to the advanced PowerCyclone 5 technology.

With the MultiClean nozzle, it ensures thorough cleaning throughout your home, effortlessly tackling dirt and debris. Elevate your cleaning routine with this cutting-edge vacuum cleaner, designed to deliver exceptional results and convenience.

7. TCL Sweeva 2000 Vacuum Cleaner

Discover the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan, TCL’s Sweeva 2000 autonomous smart vacuum cleaner, your ultimate cleaning partner. Its powerful yet compact 2.76-inch ultra-slim design packs a punch with up to 2000Pa suction power, effortlessly tackling even the trickiest corners of your home. With a 0.78-inch climbing threshold, it breezes through hard floors and carpets.

Enjoy worry-free cleaning with over 150 minutes of auto cleaning, advanced fall and collision prevention sensors, and voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant or remote control with the TCL Home App. Its washable HEPA filter reduces allergens, keeping you and your loved ones safe, and a 600ml dustbin means less frequent emptying. It is one of the best vacuum cleaner price in Pakistan.

8. Hitachi Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV-960Y

Elevate your cleaning game with the best vacuum cleaner in Pakistan, featuring a robust 2500W (Max.) motor for powerful suction. With an extra-large 25-liter dust capacity and a convenient dust indicator, you’ll clean with efficiency and ease.

Its sturdy build ensures durability, while the hassle-free dust disposal simplifies maintenance. Plus, the included pipe and hose stand to keep your cleaning essentials organized and within reach. Experience the ultimate cleaning companion with a brand warranty to back it up.


1. What is the average price range for vacuum cleaners in Pakistan?

The average price range for vacuum cleaners in Pakistan can vary widely, but generally, you can find models ranging from PKR 5,000 to PKR 50,000 or more, depending on the brand, features, and type of vacuum cleaner.

2. Which are the best vacuum cleaners available in Pakistan?

Dawlance and Westpoint.


In the pursuit of a clean and inviting home in Pakistan, the choice of a vacuum cleaner can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning routine. From powerful upright models to versatile cordless options, the diverse range of vacuum cleaners available today offers solutions for every household’s unique requirements. As you select the ideal vacuum cleaner, consider factors such as your home’s size, flooring type, and any specific cleaning challenges you face.

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