Air Cooler Buying Guide: 9 Best Air Cooler in Pakistan 2022

Air Cooler Buying Guide: 9 Best Air Cooler in Pakistan 2022

Are you looking for the best air cooler in Pakistan in 2022 to beat the heat this summer but do not want any additional burden on your electricity? Then, this guide is just for you. 

Have a quick look at some of the top rated air coolers that you can buy online in Pakistan.

Best Air Cooler in Pakistan 2022 with Prices (Quick Guide) 

Air Cooler ModelPrice
Super Asia Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus Fast Cool26,999
Nasgas Model NAC-9700 Room Air Cooler22,750
Boss Air Cooler K.E. ECM-700022,500
HANCO Room Air Cooler HM-95019,799
Sabro Room Air Cooler SRC-750020,999

9 Best Air Cooler Brands in Pakistan 2022 

1. Super Asia 

Super Asia is one of the oldest and leading Pakistani conglomerates in the home appliances industry. When it comes to getting affordable and high-quality air coolers in Pakistan, Super Asia is the first name appears in the mind. 

The affordable model and good quality air coolers from Super Asia makes it one of the favorite brands in Pakistan to keep the room cooler in a pocket-friendly way. 

Daraz has the official Super Asia flagship store where you can find its latest air cooler models at discounted prices. 

Here are some of the best Super Asia air cooler model with amazing prices that you must consider for your home or office:

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2. Sogo

Sogo has now become synonymous with the affordable room cooling solution. Its rechargeable fans have already gained a legendary status among Pakistan audiences. However, Sogo air cooler also deserves all the accolades for its amazing price and high-quality performance. 

Moreover, Sogo claims to be one of the most reliable brands when it comes to rechargeable room coolers as it provides the perfect cure of load shedding and heatwave. 

Daraz is offering every major Sogo air cooler model with amazing prices that too on installments. 

Here are some of the best Sogo room cooler models with amazing prices available on Daraz mall: 

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3. Nasgas 

Nasgas is one of the pioneer and professional home appliances manufacturers in Pakistan. Since 1952, Nasgas has been providing affordable home cooling solutions with affordable and elegant design air coolers.

Daraz Mall is now has the NasGas flagship store where you can get high quality NasGas air coolers at amazing prices starting from Rs. 22,000. 

Moreover, you have the option to get NasGas air cooler on installments of up to 12 months with 0% mark up. 

Here are some of the best NasGas air cooler that you should consider buying online:

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4. Boss 

Boss is one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances in Pakistan. If you’re looking for the best air cooler in Pakistan in 2022 then Boss is surely one of the options that you cannot ignore. 

The modern design, efficient performance, and variety of air coolers such as manual, remote control, and solar make Boss one of the best air cooler brands in Pakistan. 

On Daraz mall, you can find the latest Boss air cooler models at amazing discounts prices that start from Rs. 25,000.

Check out these latest air cooler models from Boss to get for your room:

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5. Hanco 

Hanco is a renowned brand for its vast home and kitchen solution products that provide best value for money. However, Hanco room coolers are gradually gaining traction among the Pakistani audience who want quality room cooling solutions at an affordable price. 

Following the rising demand of Hanco air coolers, Daraz is now offering the flagship store of Hanco on its platform where you can get authentic Hanco products at a discounted prices. 

Hanco room coolers price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 19,799.

If you’re confused with so many room coolers options from Hanco, then check out shortlisted Hanco air coolers based on its rating, price and quality. 

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6. Sabro 

Sabro is a home appliance brand of Pakistan that is famous for offering smart cooling solutions at affordable rates. 

If you want to get the best air cooler prices in Pakistan, Sabro is the brand that you must consider. Its latest aesthetic design, ice cool gel bottles, and cross drifts technology provide the bang for the buck. 

Sabro has now the official flagship on Daraz mall where you can find all the authentic Sabro products at the most amazing price that starts from Rs. 20,999.

Here are some of the best Sabro air cooler in Pakistan that you must consider buying: 

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7. Anex

Anex is a trusted name and the leader in the home appliances, providing the top notch products with the state-of-the-art factories. Anex air coolers offer a cost-effective solution to beat the deadly heatwaves in Pakistan.

Currently, Anex air cooler price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 12,000.

You can get Anex air cooler in vast price range with different smart features. On Daraz, you can get Anex room cooler with up to 12 months installments with 0% markup.

Here are some of the best Anex air cooler in Pakistan that you can buy online from Daraz:

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8. E-Lite 

E-Lite is the emerging kitchen & home appliances brands in Pakistan that provide supreme quality product with amazing warranty. 

In the search of best room cooler in Pakistan, you should look into the latest E-Lite air cooler models in amazing price ranges that starts from Rs. 22,499.

Let’s look into the latest E-Lite model and their prices that you can get from Daraz on installment: 

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9. Gaba National 

Gaba National started as the laundry appliance brand in the year 2000, and slowly ventures into kitchen and home appliances. Currently, Gaba is the go-to air cooler brand in Pakistan due to top-quality standards. 

Gaba is now one of the leading room cooler manufacturers and offers different models catering the needs of every customer with different requirements. 

Daraz is now offering latest Gaba room cooler models in Pakistan starting from Rs. 16,000.


If you have come this far, then we can assume that you have finally made your decision about buying an air cooler. 

So, go ahead to Daraz app and get the best air cooler prices in Pakistan that too on installments. Don’t forget to use then ongoing Daraz expo sale 2022 to get exclusive discount on your shopping.  

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