8 Best Electric Geyser in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

8 Best Electric Geyser in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

Everyone wants quick fixes in these hectic days that is why we have a wide range of the best electrical geyser in Pakistan. Consumers expect quick heating when heating water to save time in their showers. So, it is important to get high-quality geysers for this reason. An effective electric geyser heats the water while using electricity and saves up to 30% of your energy. 

It is important to have an electric connection to use an electric geyser. Electric geyser in Pakistan uses the same heating process as gas geysers; identical copper lines transport water via a metal water tank. However, compared to electric geysers, gas geysers constantly store water for a longer time. 

Top 8 geysers that you should buy this winter!

1. Super Asia Electric Water Heater 10 Gallons EH-610

Super Asia geyser in pakistan
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Super Asia is one of the pioneers of geyser/water heaters. This is Super Asia EH-610 which comes with a lot of features and functions which make it more reliable to use. It saves up to 30% energy and time compared to other geysers. Due to its temperature setting memory function, you can change the function on the led display which makes it even easier. 


  1. Energy Saving
  2. Glass Wool Insulation
  3. IIL Brand GI Pipe
  4. Net Weight 20-Kg
  5. Voltage 220-240
  6. 10-Gallon Capacity
  7. 1500-Watt

2. Boss KE-SIE-10-CL-Supreme Electric Water Heater 10L

best geyser in pakistan
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This is Boss KE-SI-10-CL Supreme Electric Water geyser; it’s worth buying due to its quality, design, and durability. It comes with a capacity of 10 liters, and its inner tank is enameled coated steel which keeps the water bacteria-free. The automation system of this geyser is an IC ignition system, which is automatic. The net weight of this geyser is 8 kgs and the voltage consumption is 230 watts. You can avail this amazing geyser at a reasonable price and enjoy hot showers in winter. 


  1. Gross Weight: 8 Kgs
  2. Mounting: Vertical
  3. Automatic IC Ignition System
  4. Water Pressure: Min 0.01 MPA Max 0.0 MPA
  5. Over Heating Safety Device
  6. Wattage: 1500W
  7. Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  8. Inner Tank: Enameled Coated Steel
  9. Capacity: 10 Litres
  10. Net Weight: 7 Kgs

3. Canon Instant Geyser 602S – 6 Litre

Canon geyser
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Canon is famous for its massive range of products concerning quality. They also have a good variety of instant gas and electric geysers to cater to all your problems. Here we present you with Canon 602S which comes with a capacity of 6 liters. Overall, the geyser is extremely affordable and filled with quality and recommended for 5-6 family members due to its small size. It also has an automatic feature of a turn-off and turn-on with 9 amperes of electricity consumption per hour. This is why it can save your electricity cost and effort. You can get warm water in just 15 seconds and enjoy unlimited baths. 


  1. Capacity: 6Ltr/min
  2. Color: Silver SS
  3. Pressure: Zero water pressure valve (0.01-0.8Mpa)
  4. Rated heat power: 12
  5. Gross weight: 6.50Kg
  6. Net weight: 5.50Kg
  7. Ultra-low water-pressure start system
  8. Flame out protection
  9. Battery auto ignition
  10. Two ignition pins are much safer
  11. Ignition failure protection
  12. Water overpressure protection
  13. Wind back protection
  14. Overheating & dry burn protection
  15. 80% Energy Saving
  16. Adapter: Yes

4. SECO Electric Instant Water Heater / Electric Geyser

Seco geyser
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Seco Electric geyser comes with stylish features, sophisticated designs, and an overall look. Which blends well with your washroom themes. The reason for its premium quality is its imported quality because of its manufacturing in Japan. It has a built-in intelligent thermostat that heats your water quickly in 7 seconds so you don’t have to wait for long. This instant geyser is recommended for 5-6 family members.  


  1. Hot water supply in few seconds
  2. Energy-saving LED temperature display
  3. Intelligent thermostatic type electric water heater
  4. Instant Electric Water Heater / Electric Geyser
  5. Brand Warranty
  6. Voltage: 220-240V
  7. Rated power: 5.5kw
  8. Frequency: 50-60Hz
  9. Waterproof degree: ipX4
  10. Operating water pressure: 0.02-0.6MPa
  11. Package size: 360*105*250mm
  12. Automatic overheat & flame failure
  13. Winter summer knob for convenience
  14. 20 minutes inbuilt timer with battery-operated Ignition
  15. Up to 80% Cheaper operating cost
  16. Anti Frozen Device

5. Hanco Fast Electric Water Heater – 15 Litre

best geyser in pakistan
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If you are looking for durability with good quality material then you are in the right place. Hanco has a wide range of geysers whether it’s stainless steel, tempered glass, or good quality plastic. This Hanco fast electric water heater comes with a capacity of 15 liters. Overall, the design is appealing and white with a digital temperature meter which makes it even fancier. You can save up to 30% of your electricity and enjoy as many hot showers. 


  1. Imported
  2. 15 Litre Electric Geyser
  3. Enamel Coated Tank
  4. Enamel Coated Heating Element
  5. Safety Valve
  6. Dry Heat Protection
  7. Over Pressure Protection
  8. Brand Warranty
  9. Voltage: 220-240V
  10. Frequency: 50-60Hz

6. Commercial Electric Instant Water Heater / Electric Geyser

Commercial geyser
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The commercial is one of the finest companies and all the manufacturing is done in Japan. It can save your time and instantly provides you with water in just 7 seconds. You can also save up to 80% on operating costs and electricity up to 30%. It comes with a winter and summer heat change facility which is even easier to use for all weathers. It has internal filters installed which will purify your water at the same time for a better-quality experience. 


  1. Energy-saving LED temperature display
  2. Intelligent thermostatic type electric water heater
  3. Brand Warranty
  4. Made in Japan
  5. Voltage: 220-240V
  6. Rated power: 8.0kw
  7. Frequency: 50-60Hz
  8. Waterproof degree: ipX4
  9. Hot Water Supply in 7 seconds only
  10. Automatic overheat & flame failure
  11. Winter summer knob for convenience
  12. 20 minutes inbuilt timer with battery-operated Ignition
  13. Up to 80% Cheaper operating cost
  14. Anti Frozen Device

7. Rays FE15L Fast Electric Storage Geyser 15 liters

rays geyser
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This Rays electric geyser FE15L comes with 15 liters of storage space which is recommended for a family of 7-8 persons. Overall, the parts are imported from Italy and manufactured in Pakistan. It has a digital thermostat control panel that tells the temperature and heating manuals. You can now store a large amount of hot water and enjoy unlimited water. 


  1. Italian Thermostat
  2. Large Amounts of Hot Water
  3. Anti-Freeze Function
  4. High-Thickness Polyurethane Insulation
  5. Enameled Steel Protection
  6. Made in Pakistan
  7. 15 Liters Capacity
  8. Storage Type
  9. Electric Water Heater
  10. 2000W Power
  11. Normal Gauge

8. Crown Electric Geyser 14G – 50 Litres 

Crown geyser
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This is a Crown 14G electrical geyser that best works for large families. It’s a really good option for people looking for large water tanks because it can store 50 liters of water. Overall, the quality is extremely good with built-in metal tanks to maintain hygienic proficiency. The price of the Crown 14 G geyser is reasonable, and this electric geyser is available on online websites as well.


  1. 50 Litres Capacity
  2. Electric Geyser
  3. Brand warranty
  4. Inner Tank Metal
  5. Inner Tank 14X17 Gauge
  6. No Pressure Pump
  7. Thermostat 2000 watt
  8. Gauge 12 x 16
  9. Inner Tank 14X17 Gauge
  10. safety Value Included (Safety Breaker)

Types of Geysers

You might be excited about cuddling up under blankets, eating snacks like nuts, and drinking hot beverages as winter is on your way. It’s better to start prepping so you’re ready to enjoy it. And it is incomplete without water heaters or geysers to maintain your hygiene and to shower regularly while this time. Due to the various types of geysers in the market, we have provided you with the above list to choose accordingly to aid your decision-making.   

A tankless water heater and a tank-style water heater are the two primary categories of geysers. 

Tankless Water Geyser

Tankless water heaters provide hot water more flexibly and quickly. Also, it is easy to use and you can take up to as many showers as you want in winter. They do not take room space to install, compare to other water geysers. Now moving to cons, these water heaters can be pricy or expensive and require a larger power supply. 

Tank Water Geyser

In tank water heaters we have additional two types of variants which are gas and electrical geysers. Overall, the tank heaters take more time to store water and regulate thermostat temperatures. But they can store water for a longer time and are extremely energy efficient. It saves your gas and electricity up to 30% or more. The only con is that it will heat the water only when stored in a tank and takes a large place to install. 


Q1 Which electric geyser is best in Pakistan?

Super Asia Electric Water Heater EH-610 – 10 liters and Canon Instant Geyser 602S – 6 Litre are the best among all.

 Q2 How much is the price of an electric geyser in Pakistan?

The price of an Electric Geyser in Pakistan starts from RS 12,000. Normally electric geyser would cost you around Rs 25,000.

Q3 How much electricity is consumed from an electric geyser in Pakistan?

On average the electric geyser in Pakistan consumes 500 Watts to 4000 Watts.

Q4 from where you can get an electric geyser in Pakistan?

You can get both electric and gas geysers from Daraz and avail of additional discounts!


All the geysers above mentioned are the best among all to buy for winters! Electric geysers are safer and energy efficient and save up to 30% of your electricity. If you are in shortage of electricity then instant gas geysers are best for you according to your buying power. And enjoy unlimited hot showers in winter!

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