13 Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan with Prices

13 Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan with Prices

Microwave oven is a luxury that makes your life easier in cooking. Enjoy your steamy well cooked dishes with your family and friends with the best microwave oven in Pakistan.

There are multiple brands in Pakistan which offer different cooking styles and multiple cooking options which goes well with your desires. Here you can find a list of our best microwave ovens in Pakistan for 2022.

Best Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan 2022

Haier 20L/Solo/HDL-20MXP4 Rs. 11,899
Orient Microwave Oven 62 Ltr SteakRs. 31,999
Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 210 SoloRs. 13,499
Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 550Rs. 36000
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13 Best Microwave Oven in Pakistan 2022

1. Haier -20MXP4

Haier -20MXP4
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Haier 20MXP4 is one of the best microwave ovens in Pakistan 2022. It comes with 20L cavity and an ideal full handle function. It has built-in alarm system and stylish internal light that goes perfectly with the ambiance of the kitchen design. Haier is proven to facilitate with all the desirable features. 


  • Internal light with pull handle door 
  • Brand warranty of 1 year 
  • Microwave Output 700W
  • Alarm Signal installed
  • Voltage Frequency 220-240v

2. Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 550

Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 550
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Dawlance microwave oven- DW 550 has best cooking features. You can place it on eco mode standby which helps you in even cooking. Get amazing 20 recipes book! enjoy making new dishes everyday and serve to your family and friends for a great weekend.  


  • 30 Litres large capacity 
  • Air frying, baking, grilling available 
  • Eco mode standby 
  • 20 Recipes (Recipe Book Included)
  • Microwave power output 900W

3. Haier Microwave Oven – HMN-45110EGB

Haier Microwave Oven - HMN-45110EGB
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Haier microwave oven HMN-45110EGB has amazing cooking functions with built-in menu for multiple yummy recipes, easy to use and bake which saves effort and time. It is designed according to needs and requirements without being heavy on the pocket, where Haier gives the best quality and performance with uncountable options.    


  • Brand warranty 1 year 
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Voltage 220-240v
  • Power 1100W
  • Grill Microwave with pull handle 
  • Defrost Function
  • Speed & Weight Function
  • 10 Microwave Power Levels
  • LED display with electronic Touch Panel Control

4. Homage Microwave Oven –  HDG-282B

Homage Microwave Oven -  HDG-282B
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Homage microwave oven HDG-282B focuses more on size and quality. It comes with a storage space of 28 litres with 1 year of brand warranty. You can use grill combination feature for making barbeque at home in less time and effort. Avail up to multiple options with multiple cooking style.


  • Brand warranty 1 year 
  • 28 liters 
  • 900 Watts 
  • Defrost setting 
  • Microwave will grill combination 
  • 30 second start timer
  • Easytronic control for quick setting of operations
  • Easy open glass door with large glass turntable

5. Westpoint Microwave Oven – WF-822M

Westpoint Microwave Oven - WF-822M
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If you are in search for an affordable microwave oven, Westpoint is the best option for you. It fulfils the basic necessity of a microwave oven in any household. It is recommended for large families who use ovens frequently with only heating options.


  • Brand warranty Card 
  • high quality 
  • Manual controller
  • glass door

6. PEL Microwave Oven – PMO 20

Pel Microwave Oven - PMO 20
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This microwave oven is best for small families and households. It has enabled child lock installed with 6 power levels of heat. For quick defrost you can use speedy defrost option with multiple more options of clock function and express cooking which will save time and effort in your cooking process.


  • Brand Warranty
  • Rated Voltage 220V-240V
  • Microwave Frequency 50Hz
  • Oven Capacity 20L

7. Enviro Microwave Oven –  5 Power Levels

Enviro Microwave Oven -  5 Power Levels
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Enviro brings you up to make a decision to purchase which serves your need in the best possible manner. You can make delicious cuisines in your kitchen using enviro microwave ovens. It comes in three colors White, Black and Silver. 


  • Cavity 20L
  • Cavity interior: White Painted
  • Body Exterior White-Black-Silver
  • Glass Door: Black Finished
  • Microwave Output: 700w
  • Mechanical Control
  • 35’ Cooking Timer with cooking end Signal
  • 5 Power Levels

8. ECO STAR Microwave Oven – EM-3001BDG

ECO STAR Microwave Oven - EM-3001BDG
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Eco Star microwave oven EM-3001BDG is best for Pakistani and Continental dishes. Enjoy up to 30 pre-programmed recipes. You can now prepare your favorite food in less time with ease. These recipes have been developed by renowned chefs to make the best use of the Eco Star microwave ovens with super easy instructions to follow. 


  • Brand warranty card 
  • High quality 
  • high performance 

9. Orient Microwave Oven – Steak 62D

Orient Microwave Oven - Steak 62D
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If you are looking for a conventional microwave oven Orient microwave Oven-Steak 62D is best for you. It has a great combination of power efficiency with microwave cooking. It does not compromise on its performance! The powerful baking feature keep your food crunchy on the outside and perfectly broiled on the inside. Make amazing delicious dishes!


  • Combo Function available 
  • Digital Control Type
  • 5 Level Cooking adjustments 
  • Child Safety Lock available 
  • Auto Cook
  • Convenient
  • Energy Efficient
  • Elegant finishing

10. Anex Microwave Oven – AG-9031

Anex Microwave Oven - AG-9031
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Why not add convenience to your life and your kitchen with the AG-9031 microwave oven. It has multiple stages of cooking, speed and weight defrost functions. Add the right amount of elegance to your home kitchen. Serve amazing dishes and enjoy with family and friends.


  • Brand Warranty
  • Multiple power levels
  • Multiple cooking menus
  • Multiple stages of cooking
  • Speed and weight defrost

11. Samsung Microwave Oven – MG402MADXBB

Samsung Microwave Oven - MG402MADXBB
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Samsung microwave oven will spice up your kitchen and gives you the correct color scheme that matches the style, theme and paint of your kitchen. Samsung offers you a wide assortment of creatively designed microwave ovens to cater to the varying needs of consumers. It has a great shelf life, Extremely durable, 40 litres of huge capacity, energy saving option and presentable outer and inner look.


  • Oven Capacity 40L
  • Luxurious Black Mirror Design
  • Energy Saving
  • Innovative distribution
  • Let your microwave be the chef

12. LG Microwave Oven – MH8265CIS

LG Microwave Oven - MH8265CIS
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LG microwave oven 42L is the best you can get. It is simple and versatile, filled with 42 litres space from inside, you can make as many dishes in one go. Enjoy tasty food with smart inverter, even heating and fast cooking. This microwave oven has a sleek finish with stainless color which matches to every kitchen and gives a luxurious outer look. Every cuisine you prepare will even taste better as it was cooked more evenly, locking all the flavors.


  • Fast Cooking
  • Various Cooking
  • Stable Working
  • LED Lamp with touch Control
  • Child Lock
  • Stable Turntable
  • Anti Bacterial Easy Clean
  • Output : 1200W
  • Microwave : 1350W
  • Grill : 1000W
  • Combi (MW+Grill) : 1500W

13. Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 210

Dawlance Microwave Oven DW 210

With Dawlance DW 210 S make every dish oven hot and eat steamy. It has a powerful heating ability which heat up your food evenly and lock all the flavors inside. Control manually with 6 heat settings, use as per the desire. You can enable the timer up to 35 minutes and bake your dishes without any hassle. It’s easy to use, gives high quality experience , high performance, durability and greater shelf life. 


  • Capacity: 20 L
  • Power: 700 W
  • Power Level Settings: 6
  • Timer: 35 Minutes
  • Mechanical Rotary Controls

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Microwave oven vs air fryer

Air fryers use an inbuilt coil to produce heat with a fan to pass hot air within the bower. Where microwave oven comes with magnetron which is a heating tube, which blows out the heat on high-frequency.

Oven types in Pakistan

  • Conventional Gas Ovens
  • Conventional Electric Ovens
  • Convection Ovens
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Toaster Oven


Which brand microwave is best in Pakistan?

Currently, Dawlance and Haier are the best microwave oven brands in Pakistan.

Which microwave oven is best for tandoori chicken?

Samsung MG402MADXBB microwave oven and LG MH8265CIS come with the grill that is best for making tandoori chicken.

Microwave oven baking price in Pakistan?

Microwave oven for baking price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 15000.

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