18 Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan (2022)

18 Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan (2022)

If you’re here then, you’re either getting married or considering to renovate your home. These are one of the most common occasion when people usually look for the best furniture brands in Pakistan.

So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the list of 18 best furniture brands in Pakistan that are offering the modern style and quality wood furniture in the country.

Top 18 Furniture Brands in Pakistan

  • Interwood
  • Habitt
  • Galaxy Furniture
  • Wildstone Interiors
  • eFurniture
  • KAF
  • Home N Style
  • Toheed Wood
  • Metro Furnishing
  • Sultan Furnitures
  • Hoid
  • Furniture Hub
  • ChenOne Homes
  • Obsession Outlet
  • Dolce Vita
  • Apna Furniture
  • Index Furniture
  • Home Factree

Furniture is something you can not spend without! These days furniture is counted in contemporary buying and become an important part of your home living. It is a lifetime spending so it demands proper research, quality, and structure.

Moreover, furniture shows your taste your inner personality, and core values of how to think and how you want to live in this modern era. Ideally, furniture is the only component to be noticed at first sight when entered, and when renovated stylishly it gives the perfect cozy vibes to your home fashion.

Many people prefer old-style furniture, and many prefer modern or French that is why we have catered all according to the needs and wants of consumers in the below passage for the best furniture brands in Pakistan.

1) Interwood

Interwood is one of the oldest brands in Pakistan served for 40 years with uncountable furniture services for home living including kitchen, bedrooms, bath accessories, flooring, wooden doors, decoration stuff, wardrobes, and curtains. You can vouch for its quality matching international standards with all the advancements, the reason for the high prices, and still maintaining a loyal audience.

You will get an amazing customer satisfaction experience so what are you waiting for? Visit the Flagship store of Interwood on Daraz!

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2) Habitt

Habitt is serving for the last 22 years and is one the best furniture brands in Pakistan. The brand is famous for its inclusive branded furniture and modern designs at less prices and affordability. They have a separate range for all the categories of home living like dining tables, lamps, bed sets for bedrooms, home decoration, sofa sets, kids’ furniture, and lights.

All the furniture is locally assembled and provides a minimum of 10 years of guarantee.

You can find the Flagship store of Habitt on Daraz, Shop now!

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3) Galaxy Furniture

Galaxy Furniture is popular for providing the best artistic design furniture in Pakistan. They have amazing designs in their catalog providing the best quality material and prices, you can also customize your furniture according to your own stylish and sensible. The brand is famous for its sofa sets and living room furniture options with uncountable shades and design options.

You can find the Flagship store of Galaxy Furniture on Daraz.

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4) Wildstone Interiors

Wildstone Interiors are famous all over Pakistan and internationally due to its reliability and royal furniture ideas. You can customize your furniture according to both ancient and modern looks, they have a vast collection of imperial wedding furniture which gives class and elegance. They deal with bedroom sets, living rooms, lounges/halls, drawing rooms, and kitchen furniture.

Wildstone Interiors have the best electrical recliner sofas for relaxing after spending a tiring day. So hurry up! Find the Flagship store of Wildstone Interiors on Daraz!

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5) eFurniture

The brand is famous for its modern furniture options including dining tables, bed sets for bedrooms, chairs, tables, sofa sets, mirrors, bookshelves, wall hanging, fancy sideboards, and TV consoles. Besides all this, they have the best collection in town for mirrors, bathroom mirrors, ottomans, shoe organizers, linen towel cabinets, and shelf racks.

There is no compromise on the quality and making of the furniture with a wood guarantee of multiple years. you can find the Flagship store of efurniture on Daraz!

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6) KAF (Khalid Ansari Furniture)

If you want to open your restaurant business or office space so KAF furniture is the best option for you. The brand was founded in 2014 and specializes in making office chairs, executive chairs, chairs, task chairs, hotel chairs, and visitor chairs.

The brand is based in Lahore only, other city orders will be charged an additional traveling fee. You can find the Flagship store of KAF on Daraz!

7) Home N Style

Home N Style was founded in 1991 famous for its visual appeal and elegant furniture, you can find graceful creativity in all of its articles. They provide services nationwide with their classic furniture that will make you forget about other stores with over a decade of furniture guarantee.

The brand also deals with Turkish furniture which is 100% authentic ornaments that will enhance the overall look of your furniture. If we talk about the price structure so it’s a little expensive due to its quality and polishing.

You can find the Flagship store of Home N style on Daraz!

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8) Toheed Wood

Toheed Wood is a Lahore-based furniture store shipping nationwide. The quality of this brand is remarkable when compared with the prices. Meanwhile, if you see the prices compared to the market you will remain shocked. All the designs are finished with a high gloss and matte paint which last long for a longer time.

You can find the Flagship store of Toheed Wood on Daraz!

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9) Metro Furnishing

Metro Furnishing is a furniture brand, operating online in Pakistan providing with best sofa sets, chairs, bedroom sets, dining tables and, kids’ furniture. They deal with both basic and luxurious furniture according to consumer needs. You can also customize your furniture, serving with the most reasonable prices which maintain great affordability.

You can find the Flagship store of Metro Furnishing on Daraz!

10) Sultan Furniture

Sultan Furniture is a great option in local furniture shops. All the furniture comes under budget with premium quality across Pakistan. You can get furniture for weddings, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and offices.

They deal with wood and lasani both in the most affordable range that will make your home an ultimate delightful dream.

You can find the Flagship store of Sultan Furniture on Daraz!

11) Hoid

Hoid was introduced in 2013 and operated as the first online store in Pakistan. Initially, the furniture designs were inspired by Japanese fashion but later they changed the designs to modern fashion. They deal in bedroom sets, sofa sets, kitchens, dining rooms, and kids’ furniture.

The furniture is made of high-end quality wood which is extremely unique and practical for longer use in the longer run. Your furniture will be delivered to your doorstep with ease.

Shop now from the website!

12) Furniture Hub

Furniture Hub was introduced in 2013 operating online as well, the brand is famous for its luxurious and royal designs in tables, bed sets, sofa seta, kitchens, and kids’ furniture. The brand is based in Lahore but deals nationwide with its fast delivery services.

It is one of the best furniture brands in Pakistan, providing premium quality furniture.

Shop now from the website!

13) ChenOne Homes

ChenOne Homes is one of the oldest brands in Pakistan for furniture. It is also rated as the best furniture brand in Pakistan when it comes to quality, luxury, premium wood quality, polishing, and, packaging. They deal with sofa sets, bed sets, and wedding furniture.

You can also get duvet sets, bedspreads, blankets, and quilt covers at the lowest price.

If we talk about the pricing, it’s not too high and not too low depending on what you’re buying. So what are you waiting for?

Visit the ChenOne Homes store now!

14) Obsession Outlet

Obsession Outlets serves you with the most convenient options for unique and modern furniture at the most reasonable prices all across Pakistan. You can get the furniture online as well on same-day delivery. The brand has a luxurious collection of bed sets, sofa sets, kitchen accessories, and kids’ furniture.

The brand also deals with customization order requests!

You can visit the store now for their latest collection and articles.

15) Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita Home is one of the oldest furniture brands in Pakistan which is made of concept and digital design, you can see the pictorial representation of the furniture before the placement. They also deal on online platforms to cater to vast audiences.

They have Italian and german quality furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Besides this, they have home accessories like wall hanging and decoration stuff.

Visit the Dolce Vita store now!

16) Apna Furniture

Apna furniture also deals with online orders, the fun part is that you can buy furniture and sell old furniture at the same time. They don’t compromise on furniture quality and furnishing, you can also get a wide range of variety in their catalog for your living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, and bedrooms at the most reasonable price.

Visit the Apna Furniture store now!

17) Index Furniture

Index furniture is one of the biggest brands in Pakistan which belongs to a Thailand furniture brand. They are currently operating in major cities across Pakistan. You can get at modern furniture and home accessories at reasonable prices.

You can get garden furniture, swings, bedroom bed set, sofa and, living room furniture.

Shop now from Index Furniture.

18) Home Factree

Home Factree has the newest design furniture and the most modern design furniture for your home at a promising price and the best quality which you can ever dream of. You can have contemporary design furniture that will transform your space according to your preference.

They offer furniture for bedroom sets, kitchens, dining rooms, and, living room

Visit Home Factree now!

Where to Buy Furniture Online in Pakistan?

Now you can buy furniture online in Pakistan in the most discounted flash sales and discounts.

  • Interwood
  • Habitt
  • Furniture Hub
  • ChenOne

How to Buy Furniture on Installments?

To buy in installments you need to have a credit card from the following banks

  • Alfalah Bank
  • Silk Bank

Select your favorite product and Add it to the cart, make sure the product should be worth a minimum of Rs. 10,000, and select checkout. Now proceed to pay and choose installments as your payment method, now select your bank and your EMI tenure. Enter your card details and you will receive a code and place your order.

It will take up to 7 working days for your EMI plan to be activated and you will be notified by the bank.

Top Office Furniture Brands in Pakistan

These are the following brands for office furniture in Pakistan:

  • KAF (Khalid Ansari Furniture)
  • Sultan Furniture
  • Interwood
  • Hoid


1) Which furniture brand has the best quality in Pakistan?

The best quality brands are Habitt, Interwood, Furniture Hub, and Hoid.

2) Which brand is the reason among all?

Wildstone Interiors and Galaxy Furniture are the most reasonable among all.

3) Who is the largest manufacturer of furniture?

Interwood and Habitt are the largest manufacturers.

4) Which are the luxury furniture brands in Pakistan

ChenOne and Furniture Hub are the most luxurious brands in Pakistan.

5) Which wood is best for furniture in Pakistan

Tek wood is the best furniture brand in Pakistan.


This article includes the best furniture brands in Pakistan so visit their flagship store now and avail maximum discounts and unlimited offers at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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