7 Things You Need to Know Before Spending Money on Microwaves!

7 Things You Need to Know Before Spending Money on Microwaves!

Are you planning to buy a new microwave oven for your kitchen? Sounds like a great idea! But hey, there are so many types of microwaves available on the market. So how do you choose which one is right for you?

That’s where we come in! We can assist you in evaluating just the factors that can help you find the appropriate microwave for your kitchen!

How Do You Plan to Use It?

A major factor that will influence your purchasing decision is how you’re planning to use the microwave oven in Pakistan. Some people use the appliance for only specific tasks like heating up the food.

Here are three categories that you can possibly fall into:

  • You use the microwave oven only for melting and reheating purposes. So if the only task you’ve with your microwave is to prepare popcorn, then you don’t need an appliance with too many fancy features.
  • But if you identify yourself as a “microwave-cook” (someone who cooks entire meals in a microwave, haha!), then you’re looking for variable features and latest innovations.
  • Lastly, whether your kids use the microwave or not. Because if they do, then you need an easy-to-use appliance with higher safety features.

What Kind of Power Wattage Do You Need?

Here’s the rule-of-thumb – higher the wattage, better the functionality of your microwave.

Ideally, your microwave oven should have around 900 to 1000 watt-range. This would make sure that your appliance has enough power to defrost and heat your food.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper option, then you’ll probably have to settle for 700 watts (or lesser). Hopefully this should do too, but there’s a possibility that you might have a hard time heating your food evenly.

What Size Will Work For You?

Microwave ovens come in sizes as small as .5 cubic feet to as big as 1.5 cubic feet. Which size is right for you? That’s a question only you can answer.

You’ll have to decide depending on your usage and the kinds of dishes you use. We’d suggest that you measure your go-to plates and dishes to make sure you don’t get the size wrong!

Where Would the Microwave Go?

This is such an important question – Where are you going to place the microwave?

Is it going to go on the countertop or is it a built-in model that usually goes mounted over the stove? Generally speaking the, countertop model is the more popular choice. All you’ve to do is plug in the appliance and get on with your business!

A built-in microwave will need to be professionally installed, even if it’s a more powerful option. Usually, these also have relatively more features and options, thus saving you valuable counter space.

Do You Want Limitless Cooking?

Limitless cooking means added features like convection and grill that can cut doing the hassle of cooking significantly.

A convection microwave consists of convection heaters that move very hot air inside the microwave. This means that these ones are amazing for functions like baking and roasting. Some microwaves also have the extra grilling function which uses a heating element on the press of a button.

Do You Want These Additional Features?

If you’re ready to spend, then there are lots of options for you to consider. For example, some microwave ovens come with sensors that heat your meal just right.

Others have programmable/built-in menu setting that make it easier to select the right option for specific food items. There’s also the humidity sensor that detects the moisture level in your food and adjusts the cooking-time accordingly.

What Brand Do You Prefer?

Well, of course this one’s a given. You probably have a brand preference for what could be one of the major investments you’re going to make. Here are some brands that you can find online on Daraz.pk:

Dawlance Microwave

Homeage Microwave

Haier Microwave

Enviro Microwave

PEL Microwave

Westpoint Microwave

Panasonic Microwave

If any of these choices interest you, simply click on the image to shop!

With these tips to guide you, you’re all set to go buy your new microwave oven! To browse more choices, head over to Daraz.pk now!

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