8 Best Hand Blender with Price in Pakistan (2023)

8 Best Hand Blender with Price in Pakistan (2023)

Are you searching for the complete package when it comes to hand blenders? Look no further! This article is the perfect guide for finding the 8 best hand blender price in Pakistan. We have done our research and considered the features, performance, and specs of every model so that you can make an informed decision.  

Whether you’re a professional chef or just a home cook looking for an easier way to cook your meals, we have listed the 8 hand blenders in Pakistan for all your needs. Read on to find out which blenders will make your cooking experience that much easier and faster.

List of 8 hand blender price in Pakistan

Products namePrices
Kenwood HB-615 Hand Blender  Rs 5,499
PHILIPS HR1617/00 Hand BlenderRs 5,300
Braun MQ-100S Hand BlenderRs 6,768
ANEX Deluxe AG-137 Hand BlenderRs 5,155
Westpoint WF-4201 Hand Blender and EggbeaterRs 9,000
Black & Decker SB3200 Hand BlenderRs 5200
Panasonic MX-GS1 Hand BlenderRs 8,460
Moulinex DD883D27 Hand BlenderRs 12,500

1. Kenwood HB-615 Hand Blender

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The Kenwood HB-615 Hand Blender is the perfect addition to your kitchen! This stylish, white appliance is designed with your convenience in mind. It features an ergonomic handle and a secure grip for added comfort and ease of use. The 400W motor powers two blades that mix food ingredients quickly and efficiently.

With a pulse function to adjust speed, you’ll be able to get just the consistency you are looking for. Plus, it has a non-slip base for greater stability. Constructed from anti-corrosive materials, this blender is built to last and can even go in the dishwasher when it’s time to clean up!

2. Philips HR1617/00 Hand Blender

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Discover the joy of effortless blending with the PHILIPS HR1617/00 Hand Blender. Featuring a powerful 650-watt motor, it quickly and easily purees ingredients with smooth results every time. This hand blender also has an extra-strong turbo button to handle tough produce with ease. Its double-action blade slices through ingredients both horizontally and vertically, while its soft-touch grip and controls make it comfortable to use.

Plus, its anti-splash blade guard helps prevent mess so you can blend in peace. Complete with a variety of extras such as a whisk and chopper, and a 17-liter beaker for easy storage, this all-inclusive hand blender is your new go-to kitchen tool!

3. Braun MQ-100S Hand Blender

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Introducing the Braun MQ-100S Hand Blender – the perfect combination of powerful performance and stylish design. With its 400-watt motor and one-touch speed control, this hand blender is the ideal companion for any kitchen. The included 600 ml plastic beaker provides plenty of room to create delicious sauces, smoothies, or purees. Plus, thanks to Braun’s innovative splash control technology, it helps keep your counters clean while you blend.

Constructed of stainless steel for added durability and dishwasher-safe components make cleanup a breeze! With an official one-year warranty included too, you can trust that your new hand blender will last for years to come. Get unbeatable performance with the Braun MQ-100S Hand Blender – Pakistan’s best hand blender

4. ANEX Deluxe AG-137 Hand Blender

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Make delicious soups, smoothies, and other dishes with ease using the ANEX Deluxe AG-137 Hand Blender. This high-quality blender is made of stainless steel for durability and is dishwasher safe except for the motor housing.

The powerful 300-watt motor works efficiently to blend ingredients together quickly and evenly. It is affordable to purchase, has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and uses 220 – 240 voltage. Get it today and make all your favorite recipes with this amazing hand blender!

5. Westpoint WF-4201 Hand Blender and Eggbeater

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Introducing the Westpoint WF-4201 Hand Blender and Eggbeater. This high-quality stainless-steel hand blender is easy to hold due to its cylindrical shape and all its parts are dishwasher safe, making it both durable and convenient. You can rely on its 600 watts powerful motor for efficient performance.

It comes with a hand egg beater, plus a pulse control on/off switch with variable speed functions for added convenience. Experience the best hand blender in Pakistan today with Westpoint WF-4201 Hand Blender and Eggbeater!

6. Black & Decker SB3200 Hand Blender

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The Black & Decker SB3200 Hand Blender is the perfect kitchen companion to make delicious meals in no time. This powerful blender comes with an official one-year warranty and features a 500ml beaker, a stainless-steel whisk for beating, and a TPE-grade anti-slip mat.

It is highly reliable and will not let you down when it comes to performance. Get the best hand blender in Pakistan with the Black & Decker SB3200!

7. Panasonic MX-GS1 Hand Blender

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The Panasonic MX-GS1 Hand Blender is the perfect tool for tackling a variety of kitchen tasks quickly and easily. Equipped with two straight and two blending blades, a powerful 600Watt motor, and variable speed control, this hand blender provides superior performance that makes it perfect for whipping, pureeing, chopping, and more.

Its comfortable grip provides you with maximum control so you can use it with ease. And because it’s easy to clean, you’ll spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying your finished dishes! Get the best hand blender in Pakistan with the Panasonic MX-GS1 Hand Blender!

8. Moulinex DD883D27 Hand Blender

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Introducing the Moulinex DD883D27 Hand Blender – the most powerful, versatile, and stylish way to blend your ingredients! With 1000 watts of power and 20 selectable settings, you can get superior speed control and effortless precision. Plus, it comes with ActiveFlow technology that saves energy while delivering impressive results.

And the ergonomic handle makes gripping comfortable and effortless. With an 800ml beaker included, you’ll have everything you need to create delicious recipes in no time! Get the best hand blender in Pakistan today with Moulinex DD883D27 Hand Blender.


1. Which is the best blender price in Pakistan?

PHILIPS HR1617/00 Hand Blender is the best in price.

2. Wich hand blender is best in Pakistan?

Westpoint WF-4201 Hand Blender and Eggbeater is the best blender in Pakistan.


After looking at all the hand blenders available in Pakistan, we can confidently say that these are the 8 best options. Each of these models has different features and capabilities, so it is important to consider your needs before making a purchase. With this article as a guide, you can find the perfect hand blender for your kitchen without any hassle!

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