10 Best Tea Brands with Prices in Pakistan (2024)

10 Best Tea Brands with Prices in Pakistan (2024)

Embark on a flavorful journey through the top 10 tea brands in Pakistan, each offering a unique blend and character to elevate your tea-drinking experience. From traditional favorites to innovative blends, these brands have earned their place as the best in the country. Explore the rich aroma, distinct flavors, and quality that define the essence of these top-tier tea brands.

Why You Need to Need to Know about all these Tea Brands

Understanding the diverse landscape of tea brands in Pakistan goes beyond satisfying your daily caffeine fix. Each brand has a story, a distinct flavor profile, and a cultural connection that adds depth to your tea-drinking ritual. Knowing about these tea brands allows you to explore a world of taste, from robust and bold to subtle and aromatic. Elevate your tea experience by discovering the nuances that make each brand a unique addition to your cup.

Top 10 Tea Brands in Pakistan

S#Tea BrandsPrices
1.LiptonRs. 200 – 4,000
2.TapalRs. 220 – 3,600
3.Brooke Bond SupremeRs. 200 – 3,590
4.VitalRs. 240 – 2,500
5.KohinoorRs. 150 – 3,300
6.Har Pal TazaRs. 170 – 1,350
7.HemaniRs. 325 – 3,465
8.AlphaRs. 350 – 1,850
9.Islamabad TeaRs. 398 – 2,599
10.Nestle EverydayRs. 150 – 1,500

1. Lipton

In the tapestry of Pakistan’s tea culture, Lipton stands tall as a beacon of excellence, offering a diverse range of products that cater to the discerning palates of tea enthusiasts. With a legacy rooted in quality and a commitment to crafting exceptional blends, Lipton has become a household name, synonymous with the art of brewing a perfect cup.

  • Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea

Experience the classic richness and bold flavor of Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea. Carefully selected tea leaves create a timeless blend that has become a staple in teacups around the world. Whether it’s the morning ritual or a comforting evening cup, Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea delivers a consistently invigorating experience.

  • Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags

For those who appreciate simplicity and convenience, Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags offer the iconic Lipton flavor in an easily accessible format. Individually wrapped for freshness, these tea bags provide a quick and efficient way to enjoy the renowned Lipton blend on the go.

  • Lipton Danedar Strong Tea

Lipton Danedar Strong Tea caters to tea enthusiasts seeking a robust and intense cup. Balancing strength with flavor, this blend is crafted for those who appreciate a more powerful tea-drinking experience, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a bolder profile.

Lipton Danedar Strong Tea
  • Lipton Green Tea

Embrace a lighter and health-conscious option with Lipton Green Tea. Crafted from high-quality green tea leaves, this variant offers a refreshing and wholesome alternative. Lipton Green Tea is perfect for those looking to incorporate the benefits of green tea into their daily routine while savoring a delightful and revitalizing taste.

Lipton Green Tea

2. Tapal

In the tapestry of Pakistan’s tea culture, Tapal emerges as a distinguished name, carrying with it a legacy that combines tradition with a spirit of innovation. This renowned tea brand has woven a narrative of excellence, offering a variety of blends that have become an integral part of daily tea rituals across the nation.

  • Tapal Danedar

Enter the world of Tapal Danedar, where tradition takes center stage. With a range that includes pouches, jars, boxes, tea bags, and unique round tea bags, Tapal Danedar caters to tea aficionados who appreciate the rich and robust character of a classic blend. Each offering is a testament to the timeless appeal of Tapal Danedar, providing a harmonious and strong cup of tea for discerning enthusiasts.

  • Pouches and Jars: Experience the richness of Tapal Danedar in convenient pouches or jars, preserving the robust flavor for tea enthusiasts who prefer a more traditional brewing method.
  • Boxes: Discover the timeless appeal of Tapal Danedar in boxes, a versatile packaging option that caters to those who appreciate a well-balanced and strong cup of tea.
  • Tea Bags: For a quick and hassle-free brewing experience, Tapal Danedar offers tea bags, ensuring the signature blend is easily accessible to those with a busy lifestyle.
  • Round Tea Bags: Innovating the tea-bag experience, Tapal Danedar’s round tea bags provide a unique shape while delivering the familiar boldness of the classic blend.
Tapal Danedar
  • Tapal Family Mixture

Tapal Family Mixture weaves a blend that transcends generations. Available in pouches, jars, boxes, and tea bags, this versatile offering caters to the diverse preferences of families. Whether enjoyed in a traditional brewing method or through the convenience of tea bags, Tapal Family Mixture embodies the essence of familial warmth and togetherness in every cup.

  • Pouches and Jars: Tapal Family Mixture, available in pouches and jars, caters to family preferences with its well-rounded and versatile blend that suits various brewing methods.
  • Boxes: The family-friendly appeal extends to boxes, offering a convenient option for households to enjoy the harmonious blend of Tapal Family Mixture.
  • Tea Bags: Providing the same comforting blend in tea bag form, Tapal Family Mixture’s tea bags offer a quick and easy solution for tea enjoyment.
Tapal Family Mixture
  • Tapal Green Tea

For those embracing a wellness-oriented lifestyle, Tapal Green Tea offers a refreshing choice. Crafted in convenient tea bags, this variant captures the health-conscious spirit of modern tea enthusiasts. Experience the revitalizing qualities of green tea in a package that aligns with contemporary health trends.

  • Tea Bags: Embrace the health-conscious choice with Tapal Green Tea, available in convenient tea bags. Experience the revitalizing qualities of green tea in a convenient and accessible format.
Tapal Green Tea
  • Tapal Tezdum

Tapal Tezdum stands as a testament to the bold and brisk side of tea appreciation. Available in pouches and boxes, this strong blend caters to those who seek a robust and invigorating tea experience. With its powerful character, Tapal Tezdum appeals to those who savor the intensity of a well-brewed cup.

  • Pouches: Immerse yourself in the bold and brisk flavor of Tapal Tezdum with convenient pouches. The rich character of Tezdum is preserved in this packaging, offering a robust tea experience.
  • Boxes: Tapal Tezdum, known for its strong and invigorating blend, is also available in boxes. This packaging option ensures that the robustness of Tezdum is consistently delivered for those who appreciate a powerful cup of tea.
Tapal Tezdum

3. Brooke Bond Supreme

In the realm of distinguished tea brands, Brooke Bond Supreme stands as an embodiment of elegance and craftsmanship. With a heritage that spans generations, this brand has artfully curated blends that capture the essence of tea culture. Join us as we explore the offerings under the Brooke Bond Supreme umbrella, where each variant is a symphony of flavor and tradition.

  • Supreme Black Tea

Embark on a journey of boldness with Brooke Bond Supreme Black Tea. This blend, available in pouches, boxes, and packs, is a testament to the robust character that defines classic black tea. Whether you opt for the convenience of pouches, the timeless charm of boxes, or the practicality of packs, Supreme Black Tea ensures an indulgent and invigorating tea experience with each infusion.

Supreme Black Tea
  • Supreme Danedar

Supreme Danedar is a celebration of tradition and sophistication within the Brooke Bond Supreme range. Crafted in pouches, boxes, and packs, this blend caters to those who appreciate the richness and strength of a well-balanced cup. The versatility of Supreme Danedar, available in various packaging options, allows tea enthusiasts to embrace the blend in a manner that suits their individual preferences.

Supreme Danedar

4. Vital

In the mosaic of Pakistan’s vibrant tea culture, Vital Tea emerges as a brand that harmonizes diverse flavors with the richness of tradition. With an array of blends to cater to varied preferences, Vital Tea has become synonymous with quality and a commitment to delivering a delightful tea-drinking experience. Let’s embark on a journey through the offerings under the Vital Tea umbrella, where each variant is a unique melody in the symphony of Pakistani tea culture.

  • Vital Black Tea

Discover the timeless strength and robust character of Vital Black Tea. This classic blend, cherished for its bold flavor, is an ode to the rich heritage of black tea. Whether sipped in its pure form or adorned with your preferred additions, Vital Black Tea is available to elevate your tea moments.

  • Vital Green Tea

For those seeking a wellness-oriented choice, Vital Green Tea is a rejuvenating option. Crafted from high-quality green tea leaves, this variant offers a refreshing and health-conscious alternative. Let Vital Green Tea be your companion in fostering a sense of well-being in every cup.

Vital Green Tea
  • Vital Luxury Tea

Indulge your palate with Vital Luxury Tea, a variant that weaves a symphony of tastes into every sip. Explore a range of delightful flavors that complement the rich base of tea, providing a sensorial journey for those who enjoy an infusion of diverse tastes in their tea experience.

Vital Luxury Tea
  • Vital Kashmiri Tea

Immerse yourself in the cultural elegance of Vital Kashmiri Tea. This blend, inspired by the iconic flavors of Kashmir, brings a touch of regional richness to your teacup. Experience the aromatic spices and warmth that define this traditional concoction.

Vital Kashmiri Tea
  • Vital Turkish Tea

Embark on an exotic journey with Vital Turkish Tea, an offering that captures the essence of Turkish tea culture. Revel in the unique brewing method and the delightful taste that pays homage to the tea-drinking traditions of Turkey.

Vital Turkish Tea
  • Vital Masala Tea

Experience a symphony of spices with Vital Masala Tea. This blend combines the boldness of black tea with a medley of aromatic spices, creating a harmonious and invigorating cup. Let Vital Masala Tea be your go-to choice for a spirited and flavorful tea experience.

Vital Masala Tea

5. Kohinoor

In the realm of tea excellence, Kohinoor stands as a distinguished name, curating blends that embody the essence of rich tradition and unparalleled quality. Each variant under the Kohinoor umbrella is a unique expression, offering tea enthusiasts a journey through diverse flavors and cultural nuances. Let’s delve into the offerings of Kohinoor Tea, where every blend is a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting exquisite tea experiences.

  • Tez Mixture

Experience the energetic harmony of Kohinoor Tez Mixture. This blend is a vibrant composition of strong and invigorating flavors, ensuring a bold and robust cup. Tez Mixture captures the essence of lively tea-drinking moments, catering to those who seek a spirited and intense tea experience.

Tez Mixture
  • Josh Danedar

Josh Danedar is a celebration of strength within the Kohinoor Tea collection. Crafted for those who appreciate a powerful and full-bodied cup, this blend is an embodiment of vigor and character. Elevate your tea ritual with the robust notes of Kohinoor Josh Danedar.

Josh Danedar
  • Zaburdust

Indulge in the robust resonance of Kohinoor Zaburdust. This blend strikes a balance between strength and flavor, offering a harmonious cup that resonates with the tea connoisseur. Zaburdust captures the essence of a well-rounded and satisfying tea-drinking experience.

  • Classic Karak

Immerse yourself in cultural nostalgia with Kohinoor Classic Karak. Inspired by the iconic Karak chai of the region, this blend encapsulates the aromatic spices and strong character that define this traditional concoction. Experience the warmth and depth of flavor in every sip.

Classic Karak

6. Har Pal Taza

In the realm of tea craftsmanship, Har Pal Taza Chai stands as a brand that epitomizes freshness and quality. Each variant under the Har Pal Taza Chai banner is meticulously curated to deliver a unique tea experience, capturing the essence of freshly brewed perfection. Let’s unravel the offerings of Har Pal Taza Chai, where freshness takes center stage in every delightful cup.

  • Special Chai Jar

Dive into a jar of pure delight with Har Pal Taza Chai’s Special Chai Jar. Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and freshness that this unique packaging encapsulates. The jar ensures that the essence of each tea leaf is preserved, promising a cup of tea that is both flavorful and aromatic.

Special Chai Jar
  • Special Chai Gram Box

Har Pal Taza Chai presents the Special Chai Gram Box, where freshness is measured by the gram. This packaging option allows tea enthusiasts to indulge in the precise quantity they desire, ensuring that each brew is as fresh as the first. Experience the convenience and flavor precision of the Gram Box for an unparalleled tea-drinking experience.

Special Chai Gram Box
  • Special Chai Pouch: Freshness Unveiled

For those who seek freshness unveiled, Har Pal Taza Chai offers the Special Chai Pouch. This packaging ensures that the vibrant flavors are sealed within, ready to be released with every brew. The pouch is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering a consistently fresh and delightful tea experience.

Special Chai Pouch: Freshness Unveiled

7. Hemani

In the pursuit of holistic well-being, Hemani Tea stands as a beacon, offering a diverse range of blends that marry the art of tea crafting with the essence of wellness. Each variant under the Hemani Tea collection is meticulously designed to cater to specific health goals, providing a fusion of taste and therapeutic benefits. Join us on a journey through the offerings of Hemani Tea, where health and harmony intertwine in every rejuvenating cup.

  • Wellness Tea

Embark on a journey of overall well-being with Hemani Wellness Tea. Crafted with a blend of carefully selected herbs and botanicals, this variant is designed to nurture both the mind and body. Experience the soothing harmony of flavors that contribute to a balanced and rejuvenating tea-drinking experience.

Wellness Tea
  • Slimming Tea

For those on a wellness journey, Hemani Slimming Tea offers a specially curated blend to support your efforts. Infused with ingredients known for their potential benefits in weight management, this variant provides a flavorful and supportive companion on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Slimming Tea
  • Herbal Tea

Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature with Hemani Herbal Tea. This blend captures the essence of various herbs, allowing you to experience the therapeutic benefits of herbal infusions. Revel in the natural flavors that contribute to a calming and refreshing tea experience.

Herbal Tea
  • Diet Tea

Hemani Diet Tea is crafted for those seeking a balance between taste and a mindful approach to nutrition. With a blend designed to complement dietary goals, this variant offers a flavorful and satisfying cup, making it an ideal choice for those embracing a conscious and mindful lifestyle.

Diet Tea
  • Kashmiri Tea

Indulge in the cultural elegance of Hemani Kashmiri Tea. Inspired by the iconic flavors of Kashmir, this blend weaves a tapestry of aromatic spices, creating a delightful and traditional tea-drinking experience. Transport yourself to the enchanting valleys with every aromatic sip.

Kashmiri Tea

8. Alpha

In the tapestry of tea excellence, Alpha stands as a brand that orchestrates a symphony of robust flavors. Each variant under the Alpha Tea collection is carefully curated to cater to diverse taste preferences, offering a harmonious blend of strength and character. Join us as we explore the offerings of Alpha Tea, where every cup is a celebration of boldness and taste.

  • Alpha Zaikedar Tea

Embark on a culinary journey with Alpha Zaikedar Tea. This unique blend is a fusion of robust tea leaves and exquisite flavors, creating a symphony that tantalizes the taste buds. Indulge in a cup that marries strength with culinary finesse, offering a delightful and flavorful tea experience.

  • Alpha Strong Taste Mixture

For those who appreciate a bold composition, Alpha Strong Taste Mixture is a perfect choice. Crafted to deliver a powerful and invigorating cup, this blend captures the essence of strength without compromising on taste. Experience the robust character that defines Alpha’s commitment to bold flavors.

Alpha Strong Taste Mixture
  • Alpha Kanwal Strong Dust Tea

Immerse yourself in the resonance of strength with Alpha Kanwal Strong Dust Tea. This variant, rich in finely ground tea particles, promises a potent and full-bodied experience. Savor the boldness in every sip as Alpha Kanwal Strong Dust Tea showcases the brand’s dedication to crafting a tea that leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Kanwal Strong Dust Tea
  • Alpha Super Family Mixture

Experience versatile harmony with Alpha Super Family Mixture. This blend is tailored for family enjoyment, offering a well-rounded and versatile cup that caters to diverse preferences. Whether shared during gatherings or savored in quiet moments, Alpha Super Family Mixture embodies the essence of unity and flavor diversity.

Alpha Super Family Mixture

5. Alpha Super Danedar Tea

Indulge in the delight of finely granulated tea leaves with Alpha Super Danedar Tea. This blend promises a rich and strong cup, showcasing the brand’s dedication to providing a granular tea experience that is both flavorful and invigorating. Enjoy the dander delight in every aromatic sip.

5. Alpha Super Danedar Tea

9. Islamabad Tea

In the realm of tea simplicity, Islamabad Tea stands as a brand that embraces the beauty of uncomplicated elegance. With a focus on delivering a pure and authentic tea-drinking experience, each variant under the Islamabad Tea collection is crafted with precision. Join us as we delve into the offerings of Islamabad Tea, where every sip is a celebration of simplicity and taste.

  • Islamabad Tea Pouches

Experience the essence of simplicity with Islamabad Tea Pouches. Designed for convenience and portability, these pouches encapsulate the pure taste of tea, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing cup wherever you go. Revel in the uncomplicated elegance that pouches bring to the tea-drinking ritual.

Islamabad Tea Pouches

10. Nestle Everyday

In the realm of tea craftsmanship, Nestle stands as a brand that brings a touch of elegance to the art of tea blending. With a focus on creating blends that are not just beverages but experiences, Nestle offers a curated selection that caters to diverse palates. Join us as we explore the offerings of Nestle Tea, where each variant is a testament to sophistication and flavor.

  • Nestle Kashmiri Tea: Cultural Opulence Unveiled

Indulge in the opulence of Nestle Kashmiri Tea. This blend is a celebration of cultural richness, capturing the iconic flavors of Kashmir in every sip. Immerse yourself in the aromatic spices that define this traditional concoction, as Nestle Kashmiri Tea takes you on a sensory journey to the enchanting valleys.

Nestle Kashmiri Tea: Cultural Opulence Unveiled
  • Nestle Cardamom Tea: A Symphony of Aromas

Experience a symphony of aromas with Nestle Cardamom Tea. This blend weaves the exquisite fragrance of cardamom into the rich tapestry of tea leaves, creating a delightful and aromatic cup. Let the subtle warmth of cardamom elevate your tea-drinking experience as Nestle Cardamom Tea adds a touch of sophistication to each infusion.

Nestle Cardamom Tea: A Symphony of Aromas

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1. Are these tea brands suitable for daily consumption?

Yes, the tea brands featured in our list are suitable for daily consumption. However, individual preferences and tolerance to caffeine may vary, so it’s advisable to moderate your intake.

2. Can I find specialty or organic teas on Daraz?

Absolutely! Daraz offers a variety of specialty and organic tea options to cater to different preferences. Explore the product descriptions for details on each brand’s offerings.

3. Are the prices on Daraz competitive with physical stores?

Daraz often features competitive prices, and frequent promotions and discounts make it a cost-effective option. It’s recommended to check Daraz regularly for the latest deals.

4. Can I get bulk quantities of tea on Daraz?

Yes, Daraz provides options for bulk purchases, allowing you to stock up on your favorite tea brands conveniently. Check the product listings for information on available quantities.


As you explore the rich tapestry of tea culture in Pakistan, the top 10 tea brands stand out as the epitome of quality, flavor, and tradition. From the soothing blends to the bold infusions, each brand contributes to the diverse landscape of tea appreciation. Make your tea moments memorable by indulging in the finest blends, conveniently accessible through Daraz. Embrace the art of tea drinking with the best tea brands, ensuring every sip is a delightful journey through the flavors of Pakistan. Cheers to a tea-filled future!

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