15 Extremely Handy Things To Keep In Your Purse To Look Flawless All Day

15 Extremely Handy Things To Keep In Your Purse To Look Flawless All Day


Who doesn’t love looking fabulous and flawless all day long? When you’re out on an early brunch and have commitments later on in the day, you might find it hard to maintain the fresh look all day long!

Especially, if you’re a student or working woman, you can find it hard to maintain your look because managing time can be a hard task.

So, if you’re wondering how to look flawless without being too high maintenance then we’ve listed down super essential products you NEED to keep in your handbag or backpack.

Following are the things you must have in order to keep looking like the queen you are all day long!

1) Blotting Paper

If you suffer with a super oily face that will be sufficient to fuel all the vehicles in Pakistan then you must keep a blotting paper with you at all costs! Blotting papers will absorb all the excess oil and shine from your face without removing your make up and give you a fresh look!


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2) The 4-in-1 Makeup Palette

Nabila’s Zero Makeup Palette is literally a life saver! It’s super handy and will save you the trouble of keeping of carrying your whole makeup pouch with you to the bathroom. This makeup palette has a compact, blush, lipgloss and concealer making it sufficient to lift your make up after a long day!

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3) Lip Balm

Nobody likes the feel of chapped and dry lips. A lip balm or chap stick should be an essential accessory that should be in your bag everyday!


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5) Hand Lotion

Feel smooth all day long! Keeping a handy skin lotion will keep your hands feeling softer and you will smell fresh as well


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6) To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid

This is literally a holy-grail if you’re a clumsy person who ends up dropping and spilling things yourself. This Tide to-go stain remover is like a pen eraser which instantly erases stains on your clothes.

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7) Sanitizer

The first step of looking and feeling fresh is by being keeping the dirt away! Always carry a hand sanitizer with you to keep those germs away


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8) Breath Freshener

A bad breath can be embarrassing and an annoyance to others. Especially early in the morning when you end up with coffee breath. Make sure you carry a breath freshener in your handbag so you can laugh as wide without being cautious that you’re breath stinks


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9) Travel Size Hair Straighteners

Okay this might be a little extra to carry all day at work or in your campus but if you’re out on a full day conference or at an event then these are literally life savers and will save you from bad hair days! If you suffer from frizzy hair then you need to carry these super cute and handy hair straighteners in your bag!


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10) Makeup Fixing Spray

Keep your make up from looking evaporated and greasy by carrying a make up fixing spray in your bag. They can also work as mists and give you a fresh look instantly!

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11) Portable Mini Hairbrush with a Mirror

These round brushes are super small, handy and even come with a portable mirror as well! It’s the perfect handy accessory

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12) Magic Compressed Towels

These work like magic! Now you don’t need to carry tissues with you anymore. Just a add a little water and these turns into handy towels!

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13) Scrunchies

Scrunchies look super cute and are trending right now like anything! Keep them in your bag to give your hairstyle a chic look


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14) Travel Size Mists

We all like smelling pretty! Smelling nice instantly makes you feel fresh. Keeping a travel size is a must!


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15) Portable Water Bottle

Girl, hydration is a must! If you’re not taking care of your body then you will definitely not feel fresh no matter what accessory you use. So, make sure you keep a portable water bottle with you and replenish yourself!


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