Get Ready for Eid with 100% Authentic Makeup from DarazMall!

Get Ready for Eid with 100% Authentic Makeup from DarazMall!

Eid is incomplete without the perfect makeup look! And it doesn’t matter whether you’re going out to celebrate Eid ul Adha this year or staying home – the makeup look has to be flawless!

And only authentic and genuine makeup products can create that flawless Eid look! Well, download your Daraz app now and start shopping for your Eid 2020 makeup products from DarazMall! On DarazMall, you can be sure to get 100% genuine products – makeup included.

Here’s what we think would be a great makeup checklist to get from DarazMall:


Who doesn’t want their makeup to look fresh and smooth all-day-long? Give your face the flawless base and with these products!

Now add some dimensions to your face with some highlight and contour!

Time to give some flush to your cheeks!


You want your makeup look to be a face turner and that’s not happening without eye makeup. Create a dramatic look (or subtle, whichever you prefer) with these eye makeup essentials!


Any makeup look is incomplete without a bomb lip color! Here are some ah-mazing shades to add the oomph to your Eid makeup look 2020!

Read this blog to learn more about DarazMall and why you should buy from it.–443.0.0.243f2fd2AQBljI–443.0.0.243f2fd2AQBljI
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