Secret To Keeping Your Cracked Heels Baby Soft This Winter

Secret To Keeping Your Cracked Heels Baby Soft This Winter

Winter is finally here. Winter is every Pakistani’s favourite season because you finally get to wear your warm hoodies, be lazy in your bed under the warm blanket and enjoy dry fruits!

But one thing to that everyone hates about winter is the dry skin! Especially if you have sensitive skin, the dryness can be a real annoyance. It can be itchy and down right painful.

The worse part about having dry skin in winter are the crack heels that no matter what how much your moisturize just keeps coming back again and again.

It’s a possibility that you’re not taking care of your cracked heels that way you should be. They need special attention and care in winters. If you’re confused how to take care of your cracked heels, you can follow these tips and DIY remedies to soothe and even repair them!

1) Soak Those Feet!

Soaking your feet is super important! It is a form of getting rid of all the dirt and making your skin soft. Soaking your feet helps the moisturizers to easily penetrate into your skin. You can add epsom salts, a little Olive and Lavender oil, and any bath wash in a bucket of hot water for a relaxing feet soak!

2) Use a DIY Honey Mask

Honey is mother nature’s gift to mankind. There are numerous benefits of honey. It is antibacterial, full of antioxidants, and a natural moisturizer. You can make your own mask for cracked heels with honey. Take a table spoon of honey, mix it with drop of lemon and apply it on your heels for 20 minutes then wash it with warm water and feel your skin softer immediately

3) Use Natural Oils

Natural Oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are super helpful in battling dryness. After a shower, use a generous amount of any of these oils and give your heels a massage. Do this daily and you’ll see a difference with in a week.

4) Oatmeal mixed with Oil, for exfoliation

You can enjoy the benefits of Oatmeal without just by eating it! Oatmeal can be holy grain for your if you have dry skin. You can soak oatmeal in coconut oil and use it on your heels for gentle exfoliation to remove the rough feeling on your heel

5) Use Shea butter to Moisturize

Shea butter is every girl’s favourite skin care product. You just cant help loving the soft and smooth feeling it gives. So, if you’re looking for an extra moisture lock, use a shea butter on your heels everyday as much as need to to reduce the cracks

6) Make Petroleum Jelly Your Friend

Petroleum Jelly is a necessity! You can find so many uses of it. It is the best way to heal those cracks and stop them from hurting you. If you’re on the look out for baby soft heels, make sure you apply petroleum jelly on your heels and wear socks over them and see the magic

7) Get a Silicone Moisturizing Gel Heel

If you’re the situation where you picked on your cracked heels and didn’t care about them earlier and now they’re hurting and bleeding? Then worry not, a Silicone Gel Heel for your heels is super effective! It helps curb the calluses and roughness and even heals the crack soreness.

8) Wear Socks before Going to Bed

The first thing about keeping those cracks from forming is by making sure you sufficiently protect your feet. So, make sure you use a moisturize and wear socks before going to sleep. Make sure you changes your socks daily!

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