The Secret Behind Glowy Skin Dew

The Secret Behind Glowy Skin Dew

Flawless, youthful, glowing skin is something no girl would actually mind having. As easy as this may sound, you really need to work up on this in order to achieve the natural glow.

The real game behind this is removing the dead skin cells that act like dust on a polished surface. Ruins the entire smoothness of the skin and causes it look all dull and pale. So, dead skin is what you need to get rid of in the first place in order to make your skin smooth. This is the reason why it is said that exfoliating can help brighten up the skin. It actually helps remove all the dead skin cells.

The secret behind that Glowy Skin Dew is Exfoliation!

Talking about exfoliation, there are two types incase you were unaware of it. One is Physical Exfoliation that involves scrubs help you slough away all the dead skin cells. The other is basically chemical exfoliation which involves melting substances like glycolic acid or lactic acid to unstick stubborn cells. Both methods are great and for people with extremely dry skin, scrubs are not a preferable method so chemicals work the best. Usually, dermatologists also recommend the chemical alternative to get rid of dullness because over-scrubbing can damage the skin even more. On the contrary, chemical exfoliation is very gentle on the skin and involves no scrubbing. Chemical exfoliation makes your skin fresh and glowy and is the perfect dullness defense.

However, if you prefer using physical exfolitaion, make sure the scrub you using is not super grainy. It should have a soft and creamy consistency so you do not damage your skin and while your scrub, make sure your movement is gentle and in circular motion.

Other products like facial oils, moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated work too but the key is to exfoliate atleast once a week!

Physical Exfoliants

Chemical Exfoliants

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