5 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Next Hair Dryer for the PERFECT Finish!

5 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Next Hair Dryer for the PERFECT Finish!

For everyone who like to style their hair, hairdryers are a must-have accessory. But with so many hairdryer types in the market, it gets difficult to choose the right one for yourself.

Well, no more!

We want to make sure you know your hairdryers through and through. So, lets look into the different types of hair dryers and which hair would they be best for:

Which Type of Hair Dryer is Best?


Ionic hair dryers cut down the drying time by using negative ions. The negative ions don’t open up the hair cuticle which gives a more smooth and sleek drying effect.

You can also choose a lower heat setting with ionic dryers but there’s one thing you’ve to look out for – fast drying means you can over-dry your hair too and this can cause damage, making your hair look limp.

How to Choose YOUR Hair Dryer?

Ionic hair dryers are best for thick and frizzy hair. With ionic hair dryers, you won’t have to wait for ages to dry your hair and it’ll prevent frizz too! Ionic dryers are also best for giving shine to dull-looking hair, giving hair a healthy and nourished look.

Babyliss D-141E Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer
ThermoProtect HP8232/00 - Ionic - Hairdryer - 2200W - White (Brand Warranty)


These have a ceramic coating inside which helps evenly distribute the heat while drying. Ceramic hair dryers regulate heat according to the room temperature so that minimum required heat is being used. This speeds up the drying process and causes minimal hair damage too.

However, ceramic air dryers don’t product as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers and are also slightly less costly than them.

How to Choose YOUR Hair Dryer?

If you’ve got thin, fine, hair then ceramic hair dryers are best for you. Using extreme heat on thin hair will only damage it more and will also not give any volume. Ceramic hair dryers, however, distribute heat evenly and create a lift, giving volume to otherwise flat hair.

Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology Remingt0n dryer
Electric Hot Air Curling Iron comb Tourmaline ceramic Hair Dryer Brush Volumizer Blow 2 in 1 straightener and curler 1 Set

Other Hair Dryer Features to Look Out For:

Adjustable Heat Setting

It’s always better to go for a hair dryer that has adjustable heat. This way you don’t have to worry about can use the heat setting that you find most comfortable to use. The best idea is to find a balance for the right heat setting and a quick drying time.

Device Wattage

You want to choose a wattage that will dry your hair quickly, adequately and safely. According to experts, whether your hair are curly or fine, 1400 watts is an ideal power.

Cold Air Blaster

A cold air setting is good for your hair because that will lock the outer cuticle of your hair, sealing all the moisture, softness and shine. This will be especially helpful for anyone who has dry, fine and brittle hair.

Hair Dryer Weight

Since you’ll have to hold the hair dryer while drying your hair, the weight is going to be very important. You should ideally go for a weight that’s not too heavy, so that you can dry your hair without straining your arms.

Nozzle Attachment

This is perhaps one of the most important accessories. A nozzle attachment helps direct hair in one direction, preventing any frizz or your hair from potentially getting stuck in the hair dryer’s fan.

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