Best Beard Oil in Pakistan Review- Style and Groom Your Beard at Home!

Best Beard Oil in Pakistan Review- Style and Groom Your Beard at Home!

Looking for the best beard oil in Pakistan? Check out this blog for a list of the best beard oils in Pakistan that you wish you always knew about!

When it comes to pampering and grooming yourselves, men need it too! So, if you’re a guy who’s tired of his messy beard and overgrown hair giving you a shabby appearance, we hear you!

So, who says guys can’t practice self-grooming? A lot of men are looking for the best beard oil for growth and thickness in Pakistan , but don’t know where to start! If you’re tired of looking like a hot mess with your overgrown beard, check these tips you can follow to shape your beard and give yourself a makeover with the best beard oil brands in Pakistan!

10 Best Beard Oil in Pakistan 2022

  • Wabees Airy Alexandria Beard Oil
  • SAC Beard Oil
  • Dari Mooch Beard Oil
  • J. Beard Oil
  • Krone Beard Oil
  • Spruce Shave Club Beard Growth Oil
  • Natural Beard Growth Oil
  • Professional Beard Oil
  • DR Rashel Beard Growth Oil
  • Drakker Beard Growth Oil

The first step to getting that perfectly groomed beard is by identifying which style or beard shape would compliment your face shape. For that, the first foremost thing you need to know is your What Face Shape is.

Every guy has these four basic face shapes:

Oval Face Cut:

To get your face to look more sharp and wide, shape your beard in this style.

Round Face Cut:

The following beard style is the best to make your jaw structure appear more prominent

Square Face Cut:

If your face cut is a Square, then almost any beard will suit you, however, the following will look the best.

Rectangular Face Cut:

To add more definition to your cheekbones and jawline, style your beard this way.

Now that you’ve figured out what beard style would suit your face cut or face shape, the real deal begins when you start using beard growth oil in pakistanf.

So, here some tips you should keep in mind and follow to get a professionally groomed beard look at home:

Wash and Brush your Beard Hair:

If you have a long beard then the first thing to do is keep it clean! It’s important to wash away excess oil that may carry bacteria and keep it hygienic!

Now, before you start shaping your beard, start with brushing your wet beard hair in the same downwards direction to identify where all extra hair grow from and trim the overly long hair that are falling out of shape.

Stock up these for a flawless beard:

Shampoo for Beard and Mustache
Buy Beard and Moustache Shampoo
Wood Handle Hair Brush Hard Boar Bristle Hairdressing Styling Beard Comb
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Start with your Side Burns:

The first rule of shaping your beard at home is to work on your side-burns. Use a scissor to shape your sideburns and use a razor to remove hair that appears on your cheeks and above the beard line.

Define your neckline

It is important to work on your edges before you start shaping your beard right away so make sure you start with defining your neckline. To get a neat and fuller beard look, always form a rough “U” to shape your beard from the neckline. So, draw a U shape from behind your ear, your jawbone, and down till your neck before you start trimming your beard. The U shape gives an illusion of a more structured jawline.

Trimming the beard neckline:

This part can be tricky, so make sure you have a sharp razor or a close-cutting beard trimmer, and neatly trim the beard from your neckline along the U shape that you’ve defined on your beard and trim or shave the hair that falls out of the shape.

Get these high-quality trimmers that will give you the perfect look:

Philips QT4000 - Beard Trimmer - Black
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Philips Men Shaver Black AT620/14
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Philips MG3710-15 Multigroom
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Philips Men Shaver Black AT600/15
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Shape the Hair from your Cheekline:

Now that you’ve taken care of the edges and the neckline, you need to work towards cleaning the hair from the upper part. This is an integral part of your beard as most of the look and shape of your beard depends on how you clean them from the cheek line.

The rule of thumb is to feel your face structure and identify where the cheekbone is the most prominent, you can identify this by smiling wide and see the point where your cheek stretches the most and then start shaping your cheek like 2cm below the prominent part of your cheekbone and trim the hair into downward curve line.

You can use this fool-proof beard shaping tool to help you:

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Touch up around the lips

The final touch up is making sure that no excess hairs are falling on to your lips and neatly trim them with precision along the shape of your lips and also from below your nostrils too.

Invest in a Good Beard Oil:

Everyone loves a full and healthy beard! If you’re tired of patches and frizzy beard, its important to care for your beard properly. You can get these beard oils to get a fuller and healthier beard.

Wabees Airy Alexandria - Beard Oil
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Professionals Beard Oil Strong
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