16 Unique Lamps You Won’t Believe Are Actually Available on Daraz

Imagine coming home from a long day with the intention to unwind only to realize that your only options are either to drown yourself in the dark or put up with unpleasantly bright fluorescent lights. Lighting is such an essential part of your home. It can make or break the mood. So if you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting with some creative table lamps, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few lamps too add some unique flair to your living spaces. And the best part is you can get all of them right now on Daraz! Click on the image you like to browse similar lamps.

1) Cool as Hell LED Lamps

We don’t like picking favorites but if we had to choose a category of lamps we loved the most, we’d say its this one. These unique LED lamps not only add a subtle glow to any room you put them in, they also draw the attention of everyone who visits.

Prices starting at Rs.370

2) Calming Mood Lamps

If you’re looking to create an ultra-calming vibe, all you need is one of the gorgeous lamps form this category. Salt lamps are widely believed to have a ton of benefits on the mind but we love them because the jagged, natural finish adds a great element to the room.

Heng lamps are another great option to use if you’re looking for some mood lighting. Not only do they provide a great source of light, they also serve as a great piece of art. The delicately balanced orbs seem to float in midair.

Prices starting at Rs.500 

3) Lamps to Remind You of the Skies

Recreate the feeling of lying out in the grass under the stars with these projector lamps or bring a piece of the sky to your home with these unique moon lamps. The projector lamps are a great addition to a kids room in particular. You’ll no longer need to find creative ways to put them sleep and it can double as a night light!

Prices starting at Rs.600 

4) Character Lamps to Fascinate Your Kids

Make your children feel extra special by leaving no element of their room boring. Skip those dreary bland lamps and choose one of your child’s favorite characters to light up their life – literally! These lamps come in a number of popular characters to make you parent of the year. And if you maybe want to keep one of them for yourselves – we won’t judge!

Prices starting at Rs.900 

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Bilal Uddin

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