13 Things You Should Know Before Getting Indoor Plants!

13 Things You Should Know Before Getting Indoor Plants!

If you’re a person who’s interested in gardening or knows a thing or two about taking care of plants, you know how complicated it is to make sure your indoor plants or houseplants are healthy and don’t wilt quickly.

Indoor plants are often the best way to make your house look more lavish and beautiful decorated. However, many people end up buying plants to place inside their home for fun and in hopes it will keep looking as pretty in their home as it looks in the nursery without understanding how to take care of it.

It is super important to understand that plants are living things and they need proper attention to thrive. Just like us, it needs enough sunlight, water and nutrients to keep being healthy and looking green and beautiful.

Many people make common rookie mistakes when it comes to taking care of their plants, especially if it’s an indoor plant. The first and foremost thing you need to know before buying a plant to place inside your living room whether it can survive with minimal sunlight and natural surrounding or not.

Here is a list of plants that can survive perfectly inside your home!

Spider Plant

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Pothos Plants, more commonly known as Money Plant

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Snake Plant

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English Ivy

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Jade Plant

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Now that you know what plants can totally look amazing inside your home, all you now need to know is are the ways you should be taking of these plants and the tips you need to follow!

1) Study Your Plant

First you should know that every plant is different, think of it as it’s likes and dislikes! Then, put your Googling skills to use and research about the plant and see how much quantity of water it needs, how much sunlight it requires and what it needs to stay healthy.

2) Let there be Light!

Light is literally the key to survival for your plant. Without sunlight, it can not process the important photosynthesis process that gives plant the energy and fuel to thrive. If you plan on keeping your plant in a room where there is no amount of sunlight creeping through, it’s wise to use a Bulb and provide your plant with enough light.

3) Water it up!

Of course, the second most important thing required by your plant is water. However, make sure you know when and how much water the plant needs because over watering a plant can kill it as well.

4) Choose the Right Pot

This one goes ignored most of the time. Always make sure you’re choosing the right type of pot for your plant to grow in. After all, it’s the roots that need space to grow properly so your plant stays healthy. You can select expandable pots that are quite popular lately.

5) Weather Conditions and Seasonal Changes

Many plants have a natural way of adaptation. Some plants, such as the cacti and succulents need different caring techniques in Summer and different ones in Winter.

6) Maintain Humidity

Humidity might not be liked by us because of the way it makes our hair, but our plants sure do love them! Plants needs adequate amount of humidity so their soil doesn’t dry up and they can remain moist.

7) Fresh Air and Ventilation

One might thing plants give fresh air but most of us don’t realize that they need proper ventilation as well to grow properly. This allows for the carbon dioxide that plants need survive.

8) Avoid Dryness

If you need to find whether your plant is not getting the moisture it needs, you can test the soil for dryness by placing your finger in the soil. If the soil is brittle and feels warm, this means the plant is drying and you need to water it and increase the humidity

9) Observe the Leaves of your Plant

This hack will help you understand what mistakes you’re doing, for instance, if your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, it could be a sign of moisture stress. This means you could be over watering your plants

10) Choose a Good Fertilizer

A fertilizer is what helps your plan to grow healthy and keep it’s roots happy. However, make sure you use a good quality and organic fertilizer so your house doesn’t smell bad.

11) Keep the Plant Warm

Plants like being warm and cozy, just like us. So make sure you haven’t placed your indoor plant in a dark and cold room

12) Groom Your Plant!

Plants also need their daily grooming. Make sure you’re pruning and cutting old and wilted leaves of your plants.

13) Lastly, Enjoy Your Green Thumb!

Now that you finally have gotten the hang of how to take care of those indoor plants, you can now start creating your indoor plant sanctuary!

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