Pakistani Dholki Songs & Mehndi Songs You Can Enjoy This Shadi Season

Pakistani Dholki Songs & Mehndi Songs You Can Enjoy This Shadi Season

It’s Decemberistan, ladies and gentlemen! And what does that mean? It’s time to talk about those Pakistan dholki songs!



And everyone knows, a brown family shaadi without a dholki and a mehndi is no shaadi at all! But can you have a dholki without good mehndi songs? I mean, wouldn’t that be such a party-pooper if you didn’t have an amazing playlist of dholki songs to really build a proper dholki atmosphere.

Now do we care if the songs are in Urdu/ Punjabi, Pashtu or any other language? NOPE! We love Pakistani songs, old or new, and we’re all in for any song that goes well with a shadi scene!

Now to make your dholki a perfect state of affairs, we’ve compiled a mehndi songs list just for your event:

Pakistani Mehndi Dholki Songs List:

  1. Jawad Ahmad – Mehndi Ki Ye Raat
  2. Shazia Manzoor – Balle Balle
  3. Asrar – Shakar Wandaan Re
  4. Aima Baig & Naeem Abbas Rufi – Aya Lariye
  5. Musarat Nazim – Lathe Di Chadar
  6. Ali Zafar – Rangeen
  7. Abrar Ul Haq – Billo De Ghar
  8. Jawad Ahmed – Uchiyan Majajan Aali
  9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Afreen Afreen
  10. Atif Aslam – Thaam Lo
  11. Mustafa Zahid – Chitta Kukkar Banere Te
  12. Noor Jehan – Ni Kala Shah Kala Mera
  13. Atif Aslam – Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein
  14. Momina Mustehsan & Ahad Raza Mir – Ko Ko Korina

Song #01 – Mehendi Ki Ye Raat

Jawad Ahmed and his magical voice! This song and his amazing vocals have been an accompanying voice on Mehndi nights and Dholkis since a long, long time!

Song #02 – Balle Balle

If there’s one song that you hear in every-single-mehndi (or dholki), it’s this one! Shazia Manzoor’s timeless Balle Balle is just perfect for the colorful, vibrant, dholki vibe!

Song #03 – Shakar Wandaan

How about a more latest pakistani song? Ever since it’s release in the movie Ho Mann Jahaan, Shakar Wandaan became an immediate song for mehndis across Pakistan, and even crossing borders!

Song #04 Aya Lariye

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 was yet another comedic masterpiece by Pakistani cinema. And this movie too came with a great dholki song for us! Aaya Lariye is the ultimate mix of funk and rock that’s been powered by the amazing voices of Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas. !

Song #05 – Lathe Di Chaadar

Let’s accept one thing – Lathe Di Chaadar is one of those classics that was sung at a dholki that took place around 25 years ago, and it’s a song that we’ll still sing at a dholki 25 years from today. Talk about an evergreen shadi song!

Song #06 – Rangeen

Remember when Ali Zafar was a new sensation? Channo, Huqa Pani and Rangeen – three songs that every Pakistani was hooked to! Well, Channo ki Aankh Mein there’s still loads of Nasha because Rangeen is still an absolute entertainment for a dholki night!

Song #07 – Billo

Ah, Abrar ul Haq and his Punjabi songs! Forever amazing voice and forever great songs! And with his renewal of Billo in Coke Studio Season 12, we just got another great pick for mehndi!

Song #08 – Ucchayyan Majajan Aali

Speaking of old Pakistani songs, here’s another Jawad Ahmed song for you that is just perfect for a dholki night. Ucchayyan Majajan Aali is a song you could just play and bhangra on it all-night-long!

Song #09 – Aafreen Aafreen

Nusrat Sahab – enough said! That’s the power of his name and his voice. So wholesome, so satisfying, so powerful, so strong! And Aafreen Aafreen in his voice is what you call an absolutely romantic voice. But if you want something as romantic but more recent, there’s always the version by RFAK and Momina Mustehsan on Coke Studio Season 09.

Song #10 Thaam Lo

Parwaz Hai Junoon did more than just give a great story to the viewers, it gave us some great songs! Like Thaam Lo – romantic, latest, and just perfect for mehndi.

Song #11 – Chitta Kukkar Banere

This one, you simply don’t miss on a dholki! When the dhol starts drumming and the hands start clapping, Chitta Kukkar automatically plays its way into one of the songs you’re gonna sing!

Song #12 – O Kala Shah Kala

Another oldie, but goldie! This classic song was probably something your mom sang at someone else dholki before her shaadi, then sang at her’s and now she’ll sing it with you for any upcoming shaadi! There’s just something about this song- always good for dholki!

Song #13 – Woh Lamhay

Atif Aslam – the Pakistani voice known across borders! He has given us infinite, amazing songs and among all the great ones, this one is just perfect for your dholki/mehendi/shehendi!

Song #14 – Cinderella

Sajjad Ali is a sensational voice with a spectacular voice. And while he is known for his moroe classical songs, songs like Cinderella and Lari Adda will forever be our favorite for the total badass and entertaining vibe they create!

Song #15 – Ko Ko Korina

Oh dear! You hear these words, and you just wanna start singing it, don’t you? Mere khyalon mein chaee hai ek surat… Yup, go on! Forever amazing, you just cannot miss this song on any dholki, EVER!

With this amazing Pakistani song list, you’re all set to rock the dholki-floor (if you know what I mean) this wedding season!

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