2019 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends for Men in Pakistan

2019 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends for Men in Pakistan

Saying goodbye to winter is tough, especially in Pakistan, knowing that spring and summer takes up a major chunk of the year. Season after season, trendy streetwear has appeared on every shelf in every brand outlet. Capturing comfort and class in the same outfit has become a motive, & considering how hots it’s going to get in 2019, here are a few spring fashion trends for men in Pakistan this season.

Summer Season Shorts for Men

latest Pakistani fashion casual wear shorts for men

Shorts are forever & 2019 will be the year chino shorts will make a bold comeback. Their preppy style has enjoyed a good fashion sense, especially when you’re going coastal. Keep in mind though, neutral color will always look pleasant in the heat, don’t go around getting those bright pastel shades. It might get unbearable. If you don’t dig the frat-boy look, there’s always a variety of Athletic shorts to choose from. Mesh, Sweats, either or, all options provide comfort and style needed for the new seasons.

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Denim Men – This Summer

Latest Summer Men Denim

The winters re-etched the concept of acid-washed denim, be it jeans or jacket, in the minds of people, and we can’t get enough of it. Denim always has a fashionable yet laid-back/cool vibe to it. You might feel that a denim jacket in the summer is suicide, but there are definitely ways where jean jacket can elevate your summer outfit, without sacrificing its easy, breezy vibe. It’s also a great time to go for vintage denim designs. I’d say, grab a pair or two, they can last you a couple of days a week, easy.

Men’s Top – This Summer

Mens T-shirts for Summer 2019

This summer, keep it simple, keep it light. A slim fit T-shirt would do wonders for you if you plan on keeping it completely casual. But if you’re adding some class, you always have polos, long-sleeved shirts, and short sleeved ones. Polos go great with chino shorts, but you can play around with jeans for that semi-formal feel. If you’re buttoning up, choose lightweight plain colored shirts. Go bold, add some patterns and stripes (but don’t overdo it). Same’s the case with short sleeves. Keep them light, cool and breezy. But do keep those tacky “too-big-for-you” shirts out of your closet.

Summer Feet – Men’s Shoes

Summer Fashion Shoes Trends for Men

Shoes are on a  wide spectrum in spring and summer, however, the basic Black or White Vans will pull off any attire this summer. Replace the Vans with some low profile sneakers (laced or slip-on), in any color, and they’ll look, boss. But if you really want to slay your summer outfit, slip on some Clarks. They’re pretty much the All-Around-Summer Shoes.

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Summer Accessories for Men

Summer Fashion Trends for Men Accessories

Sunglasses might be a season-less essential, but with spring here, there’s even more reason to get a slick new pair of shades in your armory. Wayfarers, Aviators, Clubmasters or Round, your choice, but this year, tone the lens down a shade or two, even go retro or funky with the colors. Top up the look with a bead bracelet and you, my friend, are ready to cruise through the season latest men accessories staying fresh and trending.

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