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Some accessories make the experience of your gadgets 10x better. Here are 10 accessories that you won’t believe you were surviving without. Trust us – once you start using these, you won’t be able to stop!

1) Bluetooth Jack

If you have a car that does not have the option for a Bluetooth connection or a speaker or TV that you wish could be connected via Bluetooth, this little jack is your answer. Make virtually any device work wirelessly once you plug this in! Pretty neat, right?!

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2) Charger cord ‘bite’

Tired of your cords breaking and bending and just generally not lasting as long as you’d like them to? These cute little cord bites can help protect the end of your cords so they last much longer than they would otherwise.

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3) Wifi Smart Bulb

A wifi controlled bulb that lets you dim the lights and change the color hue of your bulb based on your mood? Sounds like a dream! Sign us up!

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4) Touch Sensitive Lighting

If you want lights that also double as decor, why not look into some customized modular lights? You can activate these by touching them and make a pattern as you please.

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5) A charging mat

Imagine coming home, dropping your phone anywhere on your side table and having it automatically start charging. This charging mat takes wireless charging to another level. Place it on any surface you find convenient and enjoy fast, easy charging.

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6) Portable wifi printers

Welcome to the future! Take a picture and print it out within minutes with a fun, wifi operated portable printer. These handy things not only make a great accessory to have nearby, it also makes for a great gift!

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7) iPhone jack adapters

If you have a newer model for the iphone, you’ll most likely be familiar with the frustration that comes with a single port for your charger and headphones. If you ever want the freedom to use both at the same time, you can do so through an inexpensive jack adapter.

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8) Magnetic Phone Holder

Frequently use your phone for navigation in the car? These magnetic phone holders are easy to snap onto your AV vents and can hold your phone up conveniently so you can drive safely on your way to your destination. It also works for switching music to suit your taste.

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9) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This gadget takes away the hassle and expense of keeping your floors clean. Simply switch on this smart robot and let it do the job of sweeping and sucking dirt off the floor for you. It’s easy to store, clean, and definitely makes you feel like you’re living in the future!

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10) Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speakers

Never settle for the echo of your phone’s speakers again as you shower. Listen to music easily with these waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Or you can take them to the beach and enjoy your music without the fear of ruining your speakers!

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