The 4 kinds of friends who always spoil your BBQ plans

The 4 kinds of friends who always spoil your BBQ plans

Inside the closed confines of our friend circles lie those majestic beings who always love to find ways to make your Eid ul Adha experience rather ‘difficult’, in fact, you can even say that they live and breathe solely only on your misery.

The ‘Topi Baaz’

The timings and the place have been communicated hours earlier, the whole plan is put in place, at the end comes the signature mighty topi like a wrecking ball destroying the well-crafted plan into smithereens and leaving nothing but your crushed hopes and dreams in its wake.

The ‘skrew’ up 

It’s almost as if the phrase ‘bring the skewers’ only temporarily registers in your friends mind and is soon wiped clean off in a matter of minutes. Whatever witchcraftery goes inside your friends head might be difficult to establish, but one thing is for certain, arranging BBQ equipment beforehand can be a plan saver.

Mr. ‘I cAn CoOk ThE bEsT BbQ’

Whether some of the kachi botiyan you had to eat last time was a result of adding too little tenderizer or because of adding too much meat to the skewers, this time it can all be different, the secret is not only to learn from last year’s mistakes but also to spam the culprit with their shortcomings 24/7.

The person who’s never seen an aux cable

You are on your way to the BBQ, everyone is crammed up inside a single car and is enjoying to the sound of the tune when that one friend who has a slightly ‘different’ taste in music asks for the aux cord and plays something which makes everyone’s ears bleed.

In short, we want you to be prepared for any possible party-poopers in your group because with great Eid plans, comes great responsibility, none of which, your friends will be willing to take.

Usman Ghani

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