4 Ways To Detox After Your Eid Weekend Binge

4 Ways To Detox After Your Eid Weekend Binge

Has your weekend been all about Eid brunches and dinners, piling on the meaty goodness and having one too many servings of meethi seviyan? While over indulging over the Eid holidays is to be expected, it can usually get you feeling like a bloated, tired, hungry and guilty mess. So, here are some ways you can undo some of the weekend damage and get your digestion and energy levels back on track!

Drink Lemon Water or Green Tea 

Start your day with a huge cup of lemon water or green tea. This brew is rich in antioxidants and can help stabilize blood sugar levels and dull cravings. In fact, just make lemon your best friend for the week as it will help get most of those heavy, fatty foods out of your system.

Have a Protein Heavy Breakfast 

While you maybe tempted to skip this meal, it is one of the worst things you can do. Instead, opt for a light and healthy option such as a veggie omelet which will keep you energized during the day and will also have your digestion churning along.

Go For a Hardcore Work Out


Although this maybe the last thing you want to hear, it is super important to jump straight back into your exercise routine after a heavy weekend. If there’s one good thing about binge eating, it’s that you’ll have the energy (and hopefully the desire) to give whatever you do 100%.

Add Fiber into the Mix  

Fruits, vegetables and complex carbs such as oatmeal and brown rice are the types of foods which will keep you full in between meals and will help you get through the day. Incorporate this foods in your meals and you’ll be back on track in no time!


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